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  1. you would also have to play this at the start of every mission:
  2. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAH! *inhales*... AHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! legit the best joke on the forums, 11/10 IGN. the Orokin did all kinds of bad stuff, like stealing children's bodies to prolong their immortality, making slaves to build their towers and then treating them like dirt, creating horrific bioweapons, kidnapping people from Mars, the list goes on. and then even by THOSE standards, Ballas was an Evil Sonofabish; he literally made his best Dax into an infested monster and then made him kill his own son, before forcing that memory to repeat over and over in his head for all eternity. he executed Margulis and then one day appears out of nowhere and takes Lotus away, leaving us with holo-lotus, who is a constant annoyance. the Orokin embodied all of the worst aspects of humanity rolled into one, they should never come back. EVER (they had good fashion, but they were BAD people.)
  3. I don't think being a Gunslinger is classed as a real profession anymore, mate :) I usually can keep track in my head of how many runs I've done, at least if the grind is that bring. the best grind is one that doesn't feel like one because you're enjoying yourself too much. it's a great feeling to have in a game, but very few games actually manage it, and Warframe used to be one of them (but then things like Eidolon and Profit Taker appeared, and those just aren't that fun IMO. worth doing for the rewards, but I don't expect to smile and laugh the whole time.
  4. playing devil's advocate, the stagger serves 2 purposes: it lets the player know when QT is in use (though it should really be different from the usual stagger like when hit by a Roller.), and it also "balances" the mod by giving the enemies a fair shot to land an extra blow before the player inevitable starts using their remaining energy to health or dropping health pizzas. yes, the stagger can be annoying, but you gotta try to not let it get to that point; QT is just a safety net if you forget to keep an eye on your health, it shouldn't be considered a second health bar (even though it kinda acts like one.) anyway, Garuda is a very new frame which means eventually she will be reworked, like all the oldest frames have been. it'll be a while, but one day, Garuda will be changed.. I just hope for the better.
  5. ..which can easily be countered by our very fast melee attacks, especially with the new system that DE are working on. the moment an enemy tries to rush in, you go full blender mode: problem solved, without really having to think. no need; enemies can warp rooms after a while. say you trigger a Bursa in the second room of a Tileset, when you run far away enough, say the 15th room, the Bursa will reappear around the corner. Wardens in rescue missions do this all the time if you don't kill them in the Prison: they appear a few rooms before extraction in one last attempt to kill the hostage, so technically enemies can do this. as for actual high mobility enemies, that's easily countered by one of many CC abilities present on almost every Warframe. if they can only use high-damage attacks against aggressive tactics, what if the player simply stays at range and uses a gun? also, there's a fine line between high damage and OHK BS due to how enemy scaling works in the game. we have snipers that sort of fulfil this role, as well as enemies with Shotguns. Tilesets limit this with things like corridors and rooms with lower ceilings. also size doesn't mean squat when we're killing Eidolons that are like 100ft tall. smaller and faster enemies like Ratels were a step in the right direction, though those things are just more annoying than anything else. you want something that's harder for guns and melee to hit, but then we can still simply use powers to immobilize anything and then take as long as we need to line up a shot or close in with melee. this is why people will often say that there's no way of balancing the game without considerably nerfing Warframe abilities, and doing that would go completely against the way the game was intended to be. the only means of challenge I see coming to us is (possibly) in railjack; depending on how powerful our Railjack ships are, it could potentially be a more level playing field, where enemies have similar stats and abilities to us and can pose a threat: instead of space ninja vs common soldier, it's just two armed ships fighting in space, on relatively equal ground. that might be where some challenge could reside. but chances are with railjacks supposedly being customizable, they'll probably have their own mods and our ships will still end up being ridiculously more powerful than any enemy ship, and if that happens, then I guess challenge just can't be put in Warframe, period.
  6. on paper at least, it shouldn't really have that much of an effect, since we get host migration issues frequently anyway, we probably wouldn't notice much of an increase, and I would argue that the benefits of solo extraction greatly outweigh the risks: no more being strung along for an hour, or being grilled in squad chat for wanting to leave early, no more having to play alongside leechers and toxic individuals just so you can keep your rewards. no more having to do solo survival and deal with lower spawns that can make an already long run seem to drag on forever. I've always wanted to jump into a 4-man PUG survival and fight off the masses, knowing that when something IRL pops up or whatever, I can leave and keep what I earned up until that point. this wasn't possible before, but it's about to become a thing, and I for one am embracing it. solo survival is OK but there just isn't enough things to kill to keep things interesting. I would have also been fine with a way of optionally increasing spawns when solo, but this is even better. Excavations will benefit greatly as well; if you end up with a team that can't defend the drills very well, you can leave safely with any Cryotic you have until that point. the Cryotic farm will now be less frustrating for people using PUGs. thank you DE for finally letting us have it. better late than never, right?
  7. no thanks, even if I don't end up with a terrible case of vomiting, I would prefer to stay in third-person: I can admire my fashionframe, and frankly other games do First-person better through virtue of having excellent graphics (like Destiny). it's a lot easier on the eyes for me than FPS-frame would be. added as a thing you can toggle on/off, that's fine by me, because then I have the choice to opt out. but one must also consider the large amount of work it would take to overhaul the entire game to fit both a TPS and FPS viewpoint.
  8. I'd be happy to get a red Veil suit for my Operator, though fashionframe dictates it should be re-colourable too. I always wanted Syndicates to give armor sets as well, since they already offer Syandanas, maybe even give them their own colour palettes as well? DE could offer a lot more through the syndicates, and get people interested in them again: once you've gotten all the items, you just use them for Relic packs during a new PA and that's about it. put them at about 100k standing and I for one will gladly farm rep for each Syndicate again.
  9. while the Sword & Board midair looks good, it's pretty useless in actual combat. Sigma & Octantis at least launches a projectile that does alright. personally I'd prefer to either slam the ground with the shield, or - since we're getting directional air attacks - literally fly shield-first into enemies from above to bash them away. I do also reckon that with the way blocking is supposed to work in Mele 3.0, there's a good chance that Sword & Board could become the new meta, at least for tanking purposes. (but then Final Harbinger is hands-down one of the best stances in game so it could really take off.)
  10. it does now*. a long time ago it only said how many things you had levelled and gave a rather skewed idea of how skilled a player was (not reliable enough to properly judge a player ofc). since then DE has improved the system and made it far more beneficial to increase MR by changing requirements on and buffing weapons, and offering perks like more Void trace Capacity and higher Daily Rep caps for Syndicates. that said the system is not without flaws.. the main problem is the common misconception I hinted to before: the idea that High MR = High Skill level and/or many hours invested, which is usually never the case. levelling weapons and frames is easy and doesn't take long, especially with boosters and liberal use of farming spots. It's hard to make people drop this idea, but when you've seen enough high-rank players who are trash ( back in the day, some would call them "Draco Babies", referencing one of the most used farming spots of the old starchart), it soon dawns on you. hours played isn't a reliable indicator either, they might have spent all that time below level 30 for all you know.
  11. DE has revamped Tilesets a lot in the past, it just takes a lot of time and effort to get it done right. Jupiter 2.0 is set to look amazing, maybe my new favourite Tileset (even though I love Lua and The Void), so just be patient, every Tileset has been looked at at least once and PoE looks like it's also getting a remaster. also, for a F2P game, Warframe's graphics are above average. I've played Warface, Hawken, and a couple other F2PS with a "realistic" art style and their graphics don't compare (granted, some were released on last-gen consoles, but the devs could have updated their games once the last gen was officially obsolete.). Warframe isn't the kind of game that really needs good graphics either, since it's so fast paced, but it's still nice that DE puts in the work to make the game look fresher and more up-to-date than its competitors. some of us do care about things like ambient lighting and such, and DE delivers on that as well. if you want super HD crisp visuals, there's always Destiny or Anthem, but what you gain from a visual standpoint, you'll likely lose in terms of gameplay. good graphics can be wasted on bad games, just ask The Order: 1886...
  12. Region Chat as a whole is just cancer in text form from what I've seen, I wouldn't miss it if DE straight up deleted it, and they certainly wouldn't get harassed by the "muh chat ban" crowd asking why they were banned and when it will be lifted, something which we see tragically often here on these forums nowadays. and yes, it's not uncommon for new players to ask things in region and get totally ignored, or get a useless/stupid answer. it would be far more beneficial for both DE and players to get rid and replace with a general game chat; anything off-topic results in a automatic kick. it could be a place where newer players would feel free to ask their questions without fear of negative reprisal, or being drowned in stale memes.
  13. kinda got that already: the Tomb Protectors in the Sands of Inaros quest turn into two smaller Golems that seem to get tougher each time (ridiculously bullet spongy, they were.) I think a more interesting event would be if the Sentients arrived there: the Corpus have been experimenting with Sentient Tech, so it would make sense if they accidentally'd a Sentient Invasion of Venus by activating a transmission device or something. maybe Nef's Taxmen and SU would be forced into a reluctant temporary alliance and we could also get to fight alongside some of the new Corpus units. also, we'd be able to K-Drive through laserbeams, you can't tell me that wouldn't look amazing!
  14. if we're talking tankiness without abilities, i'm afraid Inaros does count: highest EHP of any frame with basic health and armour mods. it's when you start accounting for power usage that numbers differ, since each tank frame can do it in a different way, whether it's Damage Reduction, Invincibility phases or simply being able to regain health faster than the enemy's DPS. regardless of your frame choice, elt us all come together and celebrate the fact that we can laugh at our enemies as their blades and bullets bounce off us harmlessly!
  15. Vay Hek (In Terra Frame mode) vs an Eidolon. big mech fights FTW!
  16. the sad thing is that OP's story is legitimately a better story than Anthem's actual story and lore.... it's just so bland and generic, it's almost painful. at least the combat in Anthem was fun (Once I got the Colossus).
  17. well, the next time a devstream is cancelled, that means that it'll go back to alternating weeks, right? I'm not sure what the big deal is though, you have all weekend to watch the Devstream or Read the Overview, and check Baro's Inventory.
  18. you can always pay plat to rename one of your Zaws or Kitguns Ictus, but the term is already used in game, as Katinka mentioned above.
  19. so Whips and Polearms, same as now kind of. honestly,t he top 5 could likely be all Zaws, depending on how they are built and modded. as for top 5 regualr weapons, for me its Gram Prime Galatine Prime Paracesis Prisma Obex Skiajati I know 3/5 are heavy blades but we can't deny Heavy Blades are strong AF, and massive Swords always have some appeal. I'm a fan of the weapon class, though I wouldn't be against making them a slower but harder hitting alternative, like Hammers but just a teeny bit quicker.
  20. I think you're tarring every user of a particular frame with the same brush, just because those frames are the one's the leechers were using. people can leech with any frame, and just the same, any frame can contribute in some way to a survival. restricting frames does nothing but hurt variety overall and punish people based on their personal preferences. you also were against I have used Rhino in many Spy missions when I choose not to change frame, and getting 3 undetected extractions is still easy because all of the spy vaults have at least one possible method of completion that doesn't rely on powers like invisibility. it has nothing to do with the frame, it's about knowing the vaults. the truth is that you played a public game, got leechers, and now you want to take it out on everyone else. what you should have realized is that in a public game, you are actively consenting to be matched with anyone: you are saying to the server "give me anybody", and that includes a chance for leechers, newbies, and anything else on offer.
  21. she also abandoned us to go on a date with her Orokin Ex, who executed Margulis. this also forced us to deal with the annoying hologram lotus. the powers and near-immortality are nice, but our heads got just a little bit warped and we are haunted by The Man in the Wall. our parents are also dead. yes, but he also wanted to kill me for taking his Donda, even though we needed it to get palladino to communicate with him. also a lot of Steel Meridian's people were killed. my holy trinity is my Tigris Prime, Aklex Prime and Galatine Prime, those are all I need!
  22. because that would be too convenient. that's not me being snarky, that's legit the kind of answer you'd get if you asked someone at DE. Forma acts as a timegate, timegates are needed to keep players invested and prevent them from burning through content. someone with plenty Forma and especially an Affinity Booster could Forma their weapon 6 or more times in just a couple hours, maybe less, and most weapons don't even need that many Formas, 3 or 4 is enough for most builds, even on weapons with no base Polarities. this won't happen, becuase then relics lose value: Relics are good for two things: prime parts (whether they be junk for Ducats or needed parts) and Formas. a permanent Forma Blueprint means a relic that doesn't give a Prime part is a literal waste of a Relic. at least when you get a Forma BP form a Relic, it's something. Alerts, Gifts of The Lotus, Invasions and Trading can all get you potatoes. we've got multiple ways of getting them without diminishing their value. that's about as balanced as you're gonna get. honestly, the easiest way to solve your problem is to trade: even if you're literally just trading basic mods with newbies for 5p a time, it's better than nothing. sell Ayatans, sell unwanted Prime parts, whatever it takes. then once you have 35p or More, buy some bundles of Forma.
  23. didn't we already have that with the Silver Grove though? if it's supposed to run on anything, then i'm guessing this is probably a rework of the plains in it's current size, or an additional area added to the Plains which we haven't seen yet. either way it looks pretty good: this and Jupiter 2.0 make me hopeful for tileset remasters.
  24. yeah, it does seem to be going quite slowly, and it's not like there's hardly any players; there may however be slightly fewer players than normal, as games like Jump Force, Metro: Exodus and ApexLegends are out now, the lattermost of which has exploded unexpectedly into the F2P scene. (I don't think it'll be a "warframe killer", but it might grab some of our Tenno away). it'll probably shoot up real fast tomorrow, Sunday's usually the lazier day of the weekend for most.
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