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  1. no matter what gets added to the rotations, if you don't need it, then you won't want it; it's that simple. even if the modes showered you with more Endo than Arbitrations, or tons of Kuva, people who already have more than enough Endo and Kuva will call it trash. it's true that common mods on steel path are a joke, but what could we replace them with? Rivens? Primed Mods? what would be enough? I'm fairly sure DE wouldn't want powerful mods to be that common and easy to acquire. if nothing else, those thousands upon thousands of ammo drums can one day be converted into several Arbitrations worth of Endo. gotta play the long game lol.
  2. she's a great frame for drawing away Agro: I could take her to a Lich hunt, use her 3 and not have to worry about thralls shooting me in the back whilst I deal with the lich. I also sometimes enjoy using her 4 in defense missions: let the enemies come to me as I sit on the pod, then let them shoot the bubble and set it off once there's ernoguh damage. 3 or 4 times of that is enough to clear a defense wave: spawn limits are the only thing that would stop Nyx from potentially finishing an entire wave in one attack. after her changes, I'll probably still use her for those same purposes, but might try a mind Control build to see what it can do with a Heavy Eximus unit. would be pretty cool to run through an exterminate with a roided-out Bombard Eximus watching my back lol.
  3. one thing I do like is how the Tenet weapons have those unique details. and I'd definitely be up for Weapon ephemeras, because there'd be decent potential: - Bloodstained Melee weapon Ephemera: looks like your weapon is covered in the blood of your enemies, would look great on various blades. - Gunsmoke Primary/secondary Weapon Ephemera: a cloud of smoke from your gun's muzzle after each shot. - Overheat Primary/secondary Weapon Ephemera: the barrel of your gun glows with the heat of sustained fire. would look awesome on LMGs like Quellor or Soma Prime. - battle-worn Primary Ephemera: your rifle or shotgun is covered in dirt and has scratches on it, from past battles. I for one would be willing to pay plat for weapon ephemeras done right.
  4. I'm hoping that with Infested liches - which will be a thing, along with Infested Railjack missions - DE capitalize on the Infested's potential as an ever-changing scourge that keeps getting more and more dangerous as it spreads an evolves. I REALLY want Infested Liches to actually evolve physically as they rank up, and maybe even become more intelligent, perhaps going from the usual gurgling noises to being able to actually speak a few words. imagine how pant-wettingly terrifying it would be to find an infested that can actually speak to you and understand you, but still wants to consume you! ideally, they would start out as just a larger version of a regular unit, but as they rank up, they feed and metamorphose into unique, larger creatures, eventually becoming a behemoth in their own right. i am looking forward to seeing what weapons would get an upgraded version. I think older infested guns like Paracyst and Embolist definitely need some love, but I really want to see an upgraded Dual Toxocyst. plenty of potential for the unique weapons as well, and the Ephemeras could be interesting too: tentacles, infested nanite swarms, glowing boils on your frame etc. I'm really looking forward to the day the Infested finally get the love they deserve!
  5. Khora not healing Venari is likely intentional: Venari is much tankier than most other pets and Venari is basically just an assistant for Khora specifically. and no, Augment slots aren't goign to be a thing, because you're supposed to make compromises with your build. the problems with Augments aren't the lack of slots, it's the augments themselves: most of them are useless or niche at best, some are essential, and there's almost no middle ground. if all augments did something worthwhile, people would then be inclined to think about swapping out a mod for them. having a specific augment mod slot is just going to introduce more power creep, and turn the best augment for each frame into another "mandatory mod", even on frames that don't have essential augments.
  6. you forgot Lavos, but I'm guessing he'd simply be an Alchemist. is "Combat Alchemist" a thing? a guy/girl who makes volatile acid/explosive bombs and throws them at people in a fight? I just like the idea of tossing homemade bombs into every swordfight lol.
  7. regarding the Sortie restrictions, it's mainly because Sorties were originally suppsoed to be "endgame", so in that context having to at least bring ranked gear doesn't seem all that bad, when they certainly could have made it more strict (having a certain minimum amount of damage on each weapon for example). of course we now know that Sorties aren't really endgame now, but it was one of DE's main attempts at it. should the restriction be removed? probably, since I've used underlevelled frames on Steel Path with no problems, as long as you bring one decent weapon you should be fine. regarding Formas, now that we keep both our mod capacity AND our powers, I question what the point is of going through the levelling process any more? not because it takes a long time, it doesn't. it just seems unnecessary now because before, the reason to rank up after Forma'ing was to get your mod capacity and powers back: now I see no reason why Forma's shouldn't just add a polarity without resetting level. I'm not too worried about people putting lots of Forma on instantly because of them taking so long to build, and not having to spend time running missions just to re-level gear would be seen as an improvement by many, I'm sure.
  8. it's mainly because they don't want you getting such a large amount of mods and resources in one sitting, as you might not be inclined to play again for a while. DE get a much more reliable and consistent flow of revenue from casual and newer players, so those are the ones they cater for; in addition, these newer and casual players usually have no interest in doing long runs as they don't have the time and/or gear to go that long. so in the end, there is neither an economically nor ethically logical reason for them to encourage endurance runs.
  9. I do believe they should have put at least one Skirmish node on each Corpus Proxima, both to introduce the fighter enemies and crewships and to add a little variety. the Corpus Fighters have really cool designs IMO, and the Crewships too, but there's literally no reason to take down Fighters save to defend the Railjack, and the Crewships only sometimes are an objective. I still want to see a mode where we actually raid a Galleon, Capital ship or Obelisk for it's contents: wipe out the escorts and outer defenses, dock the Railjack into it, and then escort and load a payload onto our railjack under heavy fire, then make a quick getaway with the loot. whe have ships, we have a pirate frame (hydroid), but we have no Piracy! Railjack is an example of DE wanting to keep trying new things, and there's nothing wrong with that, as long as you bear in mind two things: - not every new addition will feel like it belongs: you argue that railjack doesn't belong, but in a sci fi game, I think ship combat is appropriate. K-drives on the other hand.. why? Archwings are an outright superior mode of transport. we all have different opinions on what should and shouldn't be in warframe, and DE can't please everyone. - new additions shouldn't detract from the core of the game: I've seen people saying that Warframe has abandoned it's core gameplay, and in some respects I have to agree: there should be more focus on the warframes themselves and reworking them to be more viable, making sure the gun and melee combat feels as it should etc. in the past DE has done their best to address this, but the fact is we are in a situation where mechs and Railjacks are being brought out more often and the frames are being pushed slighltly out of centre stage. I'm hoping that with the Next Scarlet spear that there will be more of a focus on space combat for the railjack team, rtaher than just carrying the (rather flimsy) satellite. then again, I also hoped they'd sped up the drone and maybe reworked Hemocyte for Plague Star and they didn't, so I wouldn't be surprised if it is the same old Scarlet Spear. I think i would've been able to live with it if it never happened, but there aren't really many games with spaceship combat that entertain me, so it fills a hole. a lot of the hype for me - and probably others - was because of Tennocon 2019; if DE had never released that trailer until after the mode was properly functioning, things would have gone better, but what actually happened was they promised us almost a game within a game, and what we actually got was a buggy mess with a lot of potential, but only much later once it was fixed and necessary QoL changes were made.
  10. warping in and out of the cave is all fine and dandy, but the real pain is escorting that damn drone, unless you've got a Loki.
  11. just RNG doing it's thing. to be fair, the Kuva Twin Stubbas are leagues better if you don't already have them. if you're just after the MR points though, then your options are to either keep trying or trade for plat to buy it.
  12. Glaives and Gunblades don't really fit with Ostrons thoguh, as they use technology. don't know exactly what it is that lets glaives return to the user but they do, even used by enemies like Drahk Masters. a gundblade's firearm parts wouldn't work within Cetus and the Ostrons don't know how guns work anyway. wouldn't mind seeing modular Bows though: where you could choose Limbs, String and Arrows for different combinations: do you want a rapid firing impact bow, or a slow to charge but ultra powerful slash Longbow? or make your own AoE bow? that would be neat IMO.
  13. I kind of agree honestly; I' Umbra'd my Nekros build recently and have been trying a few different subsumed powers on him (currently running Gloom), and while I absolutley love his themes, his kit is lacking in quite a few areas. - Soul Punch is still garbage even with the changes, because it's range is nearly non-existent. if you're gonna have an ability called Soul Punch, it should be a giant spectral arm that leaps out of Nekros and punches enemies many metres away. or alternatively, I want to literally snatch the soul out of my enemies, making them a Shadow, and leaving their body a lifeless husk to shoot and slash freely. - Terrify should, IMO make enemies cower on the spot instead of running away. I'm playing a lot of Ghost of Tsushima atm and when you do enough bada$$ stuff enemies panic, put down their weapons and beg for mercy. Nekros should be able to do this. - Desecrate already works pretty well as is, but I think considering how everybody uses it anyway, the Despoil Augment should become part of the main ability. the augment could instead allow any health orbs picked up to replenish a portion of each Shadow's health. - since the 1st ability would allow you to make ordinary Shadows anyway, I think it should be much cooler of casting 4 unleashed some dark and powerful Wraiths that aggressively seek out enemies, and - to keep them from being too similar to Sevagoth - they would wield giant scythes: essentially a few grim reapers floating around: each time they kill an enemy, they make them into a shadow, unless there are already max number of shadows active. Nekros is a pretty fun frame, but he should be a lot more effective than he is IMO.
  14. thank god*, I'm not sure what reason there even is For Sentinels outside of Vacuum and Codex Scans. watching Dethcube laser people is fun I guess, but he still explodes if hit with a light breeze like every other Sentinel, even Djinn, but at Least Djinn can keep coming back without Primed Regen. probably the main and only thing I want DE to rework ASAP is companions as a whole, and make each type viable for different situations. I want to have a bada$$ Kubrow or Sentinel or MOA that pulls it's weight in combat, but none of them do. only Vulpas are truly viable.
  15. it'll arrive Soon™, probably a long time after the New War. I reckon the plot sill go something like "you can only beat the sentients by goign to Duviri, reuniting with your "real" self, and coming back with insane new powers; calling it now, Duviri is basically the Hyperbolic Time Chamber from DBZ: we go in as we are now, we come out as a super void-jacked tenno that melt sentients with the flick of a wrist. I just hope and pray to every deity in every culture that Duviri isn't going to be like the other open words and have us catching Void-fish, taming Void-Horses and mining for interdimensional void minerals..
  16. every frame is useless.. because DPS is king and even the best DPS frames are heavily outclassed by Voidrig's Arquebex. hence why we're not getting mechs in standard missions, no matter how many "maybe's" we get. reject Warframes, return to Necramonke.
  17. I'd like to think it's the middle finger that powers our Railjack's Reliquary Drive: there's something amusing to me about flipping the bird through space at beyond light speed xD
  18. sounds to me like you just want to mercy kill everything, all of the time. that would be dreadfully boring for the rest of us, I think. or at least it would be like the old days of OG bladestorm, but without it's benefit of actually killing multiple enemies. if you like killing people with hidden blades that much, I recommend playing the older Assassin's Creed games; you can basically do all of them with nothing but a Hidden Blade.
  19. Broken how much English in your do you sentence want? warframe's regular starchart is already easy mode.
  20. they aren't as drastic as a full rework, but maybe they'll make her a little more viable with some builds. maybe..
  21. lol what? all the synergy you need is "blind enemy then stab with Exalted blade", that literally kills almost anything at any level due to how how finisher damage scales. his passive is significant if you use Swords, IIRC it's a 10% additional damage buff on top of combo scaling, mods etc. I'll give you Inaros being boring, but playing him in smaller doses is usually fine. Ash needs a few minor tweaks, mostly to his 4 (and no, you can't have the old bladestorm back).
  22. you guys keep checking the UI, I'm just gonna admire the immature genius of seeing a kitgun named "Crumbguzzler"..
  23. to each their own. a toggle would be nice but DE are allergic to adding those in. on the plus side though, Nezha's one of the easiest frames to build, so you could always make another vanilla one and use that one for your Divine Spears build.
  24. everybody talking about Tigris, but what about Kohm/Kuva Kohm? if you're gonna build any shotgun for high capacity it should be those two lol, for ALL the dakka!
  25. Legendary ranks are basically another extension to your E-peen when MR30 isn't enough. and yes, they will more than likely add more in the future as we get more weapons and frames added to the game. New War should bring quite a few new goodies..
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