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Amalgam Shotgun Spazz


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I am working on getting every mod in the game and I’m very close. I recently noticed that, even though I have completed the thermos fracture event I don’t have an Amalgam Shotgun Spazz.

in trying to fix this by buying it via trade chat I found out you can’t trade them meaning I never received it when I did the event the first time. Can somebody from DE please help! Not sure what happened here and just want to be able to finish up this weird goal I set for myself. Thanks 

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23 hours ago, Dark_Lugia said:

If you want to get in touch with DE you'll have to contact the support.
Support Desk: http://support.warframe.com/

We normal (forum) Tennos can't help you if you never got it.

Thank you. I’m sorry, this whole “hey if you need help from a company you have to go to a forum page” thing seems really stupid to me seeing as LITERALLY every other company has a “contact us” that you can contact somebody. 

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