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  1. Thank you very much. But please reconsider the Tenet Diplos' homing burst shots. Make them somewhat usefull. The Diplos are fun to play till you accidentally aim (often due to aim-gliding) and lose your current gameplay-flow by being stuck to the burst mode.
  2. Ahh, yet another cross-save thread, because people are to lazy to read the FAQs or use the search bar... For the current situation don't look futher than the Support/Community FAQ: - https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/200182180-Can-I-merge-or-transfer-accounts- - https://forums.warframe.com/announcement/65-decommunity-faq/ But they need to update this FAQ part: - https://forums.warframe.com/announcement/65-decommunity-faq/ Because for the future DE is working on cross-play & cross-save. A small gameplay demo and trailer were shown at this years Tennocon 2021: But we don't know when it's going to be released or how it's going to work. For more information: there is a large community thread were most of this questions are getting moved into: And if you still have questions feel free to take a look into some other forum threads on this topic: (only look, don't nekro these old threads!)
  3. Time consuming: Ambulas due to the boring waiting game. Tanky: maybe SP Zealoid Prelate?
  4. Most gaming companies I know changed the "contact us" to "(customer) support" and added some FAQs. The support link is usually at footer/bottom of the website: or at the top navigation bar:
  5. Thank you very much Since Titanfall2 still has server issues: How about making the Tenet Diplos kinda like the Smart Pistol? The homing aim-burst is way more annoying and disruptive to the game flow than it's helping. Pls change it from burst to full auto, maybe add a small lock on window or make the bullets aim onto the body and not head.
  6. If you want to get in touch with DE you'll have to contact the support. Support Desk: http://support.warframe.com/ We normal (forum) Tennos can't help you if you never got it.
  7. https://www.warframe.com/promocode?code=ALEXANDERDARIO https://www.warframe.com/promocode?code=CHACYTAY https://www.warframe.com/promocode?code=ELGRINEEREXILIADO https://www.warframe.com/promocode?code=FASHIONFRAMEISENDGAME https://www.warframe.com/promocode?code=HAPPINESSDARK https://www.warframe.com/promocode?code=LEODOODLING https://www.warframe.com/promocode?code=RITENS https://www.warframe.com/promocode?code=SHARLAZARD https://www.warframe.com/promocode?code=SILLFIX https://www.warframe.com/promocode?code=TBGKARU https://www.warframe.com/promocode?code=WIDESCREENJOHN don't have the pics :( edit: tried my best, some glyph designs are on social media others are game screenshots
  8. At least for the Switch this is not true. It's not required, I have no Nintendo Online and it works fine. The PS version should work without it, too: - https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360019816632-WARFRAME-ON-NINTENDO-SWITCH-FAQ - https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/200444380-PS4-General-Information For the Xbox version I´m not sure, since it once needed the Xbox Live Gold membership. - https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/203125410-Xbox-One-General-Information-FAQ But Microsoft should have changed this in April 202: - https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2021/04/21/online-multiplayer-free-to-play-games-unlocked/ But for OPs problem: I have no good answer since I have no Xbox. But have you tried saving the game on an external drive/not the internal one (the xbox storage can be expanded right?) or is there some storage optimizer/repair option to check the games files?
  9. kurze Antwort: nein lange Antwort: nein, noch nicht. Aber cross-save & cross-play sind in Entwicklung. Wann es veröffentlicht wird und wie das Accounts verbinden genau abläuft ist noch nicht bekannt. Mehr Spekulationen (der Spieler) gibt es hier im englischen Thread:
  10. Congratz, you'll get it again in 150days. Keep those logins rollin ^^ - https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Daily_Tribute
  11. It has been there for a very long time and might be tied to the Duviri Paradox: But you can also see it in the Deimos vaults void shards:
  12. WTF this thread is on todays date 7years old. Why would you dig up this grave? And no, the genetic code template can only be used on mature pets. But if you have an imprint on the template and use it, the resulting pet will be in its puppy form till you mature it.
  13. Nope, he's called Darvo, too. The genitiv "s" is like the englisch genitiv "´s": That is Clem's house -> Das ist Clems Haus.
  14. Wäre eigtl. eher eine Frage für den Off-Topic Bereich, den warframe.market Discord, oder den warframe.market (e-Mail) Kontakt (https://warframe.market/contacts), da: Aber spontan würde ich mal schätzen, dass deine Angebote auf unsichtbar/invisible gestellt sind. Erkennbar auf der Profilseite am roten Balken links neben deinem Angebot: (passiert anscheinend wenn man sich länger nicht einloggt, damit keine veralteten Angebote den Markt verzerren) Klickt man dort auf die "invisible"/"unsichtbar" Schaltfläche, so sollte diese grün werden, der rote Balken links verschwindet und das Angebot sollte wieder unter den anderen Angeboten auftauchen. Je nachdem wie viele Angebote es sind, ist es wahrscheinlich einfacher alle gleichzeitig zu aktivieren. Dazu gibt es über dem ersten Angebot zwei Schaltflächen "Activate All" & "Deactivate All": Falls das nicht das Problem ist: Lieber die warframe.market Betreiber kontaktieren (siehe oben).
  15. And that's why getting a build by just skipping through videos is a bad idea... If you would have watched the first 30s you would have seen, that he used the invigorations +200% strength buff:
  16. Since Ashs Arcane Scorpion Helmet didn't get removed from the NW shop rotations, it is available again this week: Looks like the supposed fix didn't fix all of this helmets issues: So wouldn't it be nice to have all the other arcane helmets in the shops rotation, too? I know they are kinda legacy items, but some are still usefull and I still have build using them. Sadly I could not get them all and I would like to complete my collection. And with each day it gets more and more difficult to find players which have the spare and rare helmets. Primed Chamber got rereleased, too. And so are older NW rewards, too. I don't realy see an issue with making them aviable again. (At least that would require less additional work than the often suggested idea of making the arcane effect swap-able to other cosmetic helmets.)
  17. Known issue. Fix is probably coming with the next update:
  18. Mhh? What's speaking against the ingame remapping? I know that you can't remap the ciphers for whatever reason, but you should be able to rebind the Ordnance key. esc > options > controls > railjack
  19. As usual in the option menu: You can: Maybe a faulty EE.cfg? try deleting it.
  20. They are dead :( And there are no tangible plans of reviving them or bringing in new raids/trials. Endgame is more of a self-defined goal than ever before. Endurance runs got easier thanks to powercreeps, enemy scaling nerfs, shield gating and other stuff. Raids are no more and those communities largely broke up. Arcanes are now farmed by killing Eidolons during the night on PoE, they require some teamwork but even public they are kinda hard to fail and are still faster than the old trials. You need your operator to remove their shields, but after you killed/leeched a few rounds you can buy amps (operator weapons) to increase their dmg and operator arcanes to buff the operator. The focus tree also buffs them a bit. Railjack (RJ): The "new" space combat where you have spaceship (after completing the rising tide quest) and the archwing to fight in space and finish some "ground" objectives to finish the mission. The grineer missions are often okay, but the corpus versions are really tedious and your railjack really is just a glorified space taxi. So, once you have grinded up everything in space you avoid doing those missions, since the time invested mostly isn't worth the effort. Mech Suits: aka Necramechs According to the lore they were the warframes predecessors to fight the sentients. The 2 versions we have stamina and are clunky, slow, too big for most tileset and over-all not-fun to play, but the "Voidrig" exalted gun has a ridiculous amount of dmg, so it's nice for some fights. (You get them buy grinding up the Deimos syndicate) Rivens: Mods with random stats that only fit into the weapon listed in its name. The stats value are random and vary to a certain degree, but they are mostly based on a weapons popularity (more popular weapon = worse stats on the riven). Those stats are adjusted each new prime access. You can also reroll a riven for new effects and stats (but not for another dispo/capacity/weapon) by using kuva. Kuva can be obtained mostly by doing Kuva siphon missions/or missions on the Kuva fortress, are a possible sortie reward or are part of the nightwave shop or some other activities. Kuva: Needed to re-roll the rivens for new stats. It's overall just a gamble game to min-max some weapons. Good riven rolls for some weapons are "worth" some hundred to thousand platinum. Liches: Are kinda mini-bosses you can create for yourself and the "final bossfight" requires you to have a RJ. They have upgraded/different versions of some of the grineer/corpus weapons. Those weapons also have a bonus dmg element depending on which frame you used to create them. Those values are between 25%-60% and you can increase the values up to 60% by farming more weapons of the same type and fuse them (if you have different elements you can choose which one you want to keep during the fusion). These weapons also get +2 in maximum rank for each forma (capping at rank 40 for 5 forma) and each bonus rank also gives mr exp. The liches also have a 20% to have an ephemera matching their element. (ephemeras are a fashion/custom aura for your warframe) If you only want the mr you can stop once you have all weapons and maxed them out with 5 forma and never touch liches again, or you try maxing out the 60% bonus dmg too. (Only did that for the weapons I like). Amalgam Mods: Kinda like the corrupted mods from the dragon vaults. They have slightly worse stats than the normal versions, but have an additional bonus. These mods have fixed stat's that won´t change. There are some amalgam mods for 5 weapons (dropped by a new jupiter boss called "Ropalolyst") and 4 "universal"/weapon class ones you can get once by doing the thermia fissures events every few weeks. Nightwave: Replaced the normal alerts. It's like a battle pass but without the premium bonus/bonus loot. You get a new task every day/week which requires you to do some ingame stuff, some of which you'll do by just playing the game, some require some specific farming. As reward you get standing and rank up. Ranking up gets you some loot directly or some currency to by the "old alert" rewards, cosmetic, nitain, potatos, kuva, aura mods, etc. Galvanized mods: Got released just a few weeks ago. Base stats are slightly worse than their normal versions, but they stack their effect (often via getting kills), thus they surpass the normal versions pretty easy and soon. Imo totally worth it. You can buy them with the arbitration currency via the arbiter of hexis. Arbitrations are kinda like the old alerts and you have one every hour. In this mission you get a +300% boost for a random frame and a weapon (changes together with the mission every full hour). If you die in these missions' teammates have to revive you by collecting 5 shards dropped by drone enemies, you can't revive yourself in there. (Corrupted Holokey short:) Holokey: Holokeys are a rotation reward for opening relics in the slow RJ fissure missions. You need them to buy 4 corpus weapons from the perrin sequence. These weapons are kinda like the corpus lich weapons as where they have random bonus elements, changing every 4 (or5?) days and you can fuse them up to 60%, too. You need at least 160 if you want the mr exp for all 4 weapons. DE is currently looking into their drop volume and if they change for a better one. So you might want to skip them for now. Requiem mods: Needed to kill your Lich. You get them by opening requiem relics which you can get by completing kuva siphon missions or killing the liches thralls in lich missions. After that you equip them into your parazon (finisher weapon). After that it's like a game of master mind in which you have to guess which 3 mods out of the 12(13) available are the right one to kill you lich. You test the mods by facing off versus your lich and stabbing them with the parazon. After a few stabs you should know the right ones/order and you can kill the lich in a RJ mini-boss rush. Kuva weapons: Kuva (grineer) and Tenet(corpus) weapons are the lich variants of the normal weapons. they have a bonus element up to 60%, different stats compared to their normal counterpart and can be ranked up to rank 40 with additional forma. Intrinsics: A skill tree for your RJ (and AW). Unlocks bonus abilities/skills for different "roles" on the RJ, like teleporting in RJ missions, more AW speed (in all missions with an AW), faster RJ repair, etc. Each rank also gives mr exp. I would guess most are considering "the steel path" as new "endgame". After finishing each node on the starchart at least once you can visit Teshin and get a toggle for the starchart where you can replay the starchart with slightly buffed enemies (+100lvl and +250% shields/armour/health) and an inbuild +100% resource/mod drop chance booster. You also get some new arcanes for your primary/secondary weapons here. For meta: Most likely stuff with AoE and armor strip/dmg buff. Focus on "special builds/focus on mechanics/focus on fraction" is only needed if you want to do very long runs, most of the normal starchart stuff can still be done with anything. Current "endgame" is mostly endurance runs and fashion. There is nearly nothing requiring a premade squad/good coordination or a competitive clan/ally. Last meta was heavily focused on melee fighting, but with the latest mainline update (melee nerfs/gun buffs via new stuff) the meta might get a bit more mixed. So I expect most primary/secondary builds to change to a galvanized+gun arcane combo, but to see which are the new meta builds we have to wait a bit more. For being useful: Anything that helps finishing the mission faster/makes missions more efficient. Pure support frames like Trinity or pure CC only are kinda rare. AoE/DMG buff/speed frames are the most meta. Waste of time: Warframe it's a limited sandbox where the current endgame is defined by yourself (imo RJ & Liches are a waste of time. You grind the stuff once for the MR/rewards and for the sake having it maxed. RJ missions are just way to slow/inefficient for farming. And selling Liches (with their weapons/ephemeras) to other players to make some plat isn't really worth it, too) For what isn't a waste of time: I have no idea. Currently I play for having fun with the games fast gunplay and missions or I play stuff that looks or feels cool. And while doing this I try maxing out my profile again. (But this might take some time, since farming Holokeys and the Ambassador weapon are imo not fun.) Imo you should try unlocking everything on the starchart, finish the open quests and do at least the first few ranks of each syndicate (for Fortuna one: get it to the max rank to have access to another/hidden one). But there is no need to hurry. This should dip in nearly everything the game currently has to offer.
  21. Nobody here can help you/your buddy. This is an issue between DE and him and can not be solved by us normal forum tennos. Only the support can help (but remember it might take some time): Support Desk: http://support.warframe.com/
  22. Yes, the support. And only the support. Nobody else here can help you/your brother. This is an issue between DE and him and can not be solved by us normal forum tennos. Support Desk: https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  23. https://www.warframe.com/promocode?code=WARFRAMERUNWAY Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WarframeRunway/ https://www.warframe.com/promocode?code=LADYTHELADDY Source: https://www.twitch.tv/ladytheladdy/
  24. Solange du keine endlos Missionen für mehrere Stunden machst sind im Steel Path die selben Frames wie auf der "normalen" Sternenkarte gut. In meinem Fall waren das: Saryn/Protea/Mesa: Exterminate, Survival, Solo Deff Nova/Titania: Spy, Capture, Assassination, Speed Nova bei Deff mit anderen Octavia/Limbo: MDeff, Excavation, Interception Waffen eigtl. auch die selben wie schon zuvor, sowas wie: Fulmin, Ignis Wraith, Baza Prime, Kuva Bramma, Corinth Prime, Tenora Prime, etc Catchmoon, Rattleguts, Akstilletto Prime, Kuva Nukor, Aksomati Prime, Prisma Twin Gremlins, etc. Paracesis, Twin Krohkur, Gram Prime, Galatine Prime, Vitrica, Vastilok, Guandao Prime, Redeemer Prime, Lesion, Arca Triton, Kronen Prime, Stropha, etc. Dein Thread gibt leider nicht her wo konkret deine Probleme liegen (DMG, Überleben, CC, keine Teammates, tote Begleiter, etc.). Als Allrounder würde ich eine ordentlich gemoddete Mesa mit Kitgun empfehlen, die sollte eigtl. mit so gut wie allem fertig werden.
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