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Nidus Prime can't Invigotare


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invigoration reset yesterday and my 3 warframe option was nidus, nidus and protea. i was confused cuz this has never happened before. the second nidus had way better stats than the first so i decided to put my nidus prime in the chair but it said, "Incompatible warframe, equip Nidus to apply selected Invigoration". i was confused and tried the first one and it did gave me the option to invigorate nidus prime but i wanted the first. so i Override the first one to be applied to my saryn. after the override and invigoration to my saryn and protea. i was took out my nidus prime and tested it again with the second nidus invirotion but it denied me again. i reset my game twice and after a day of waiting i still can't apply the buff. As u can see i've took screenshot of the bug and showing that my nidus has no buff in the moment i took these screenshots.

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11 hours ago, (XBOX)aus 21 said:

I can’t invigorate nidus prime either. My options are nidus, nix and protea. Sit down in the chair and it tells me “incompatible Warframe, equip NIDUS to apply selected invigoration”  

im on Xbox one X btw

I thought I got bugged cuz I had 2 nidus options but it seem DE didn't combine both nidus into the same invigoration option. Hopefully they fix this before the new invigoration comes out cuz I want my nidus prime to be more crazy 

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11 hours ago, Smartees said:

Still cannot invigorate even after today's hotfix

Should've read the note:

Fixed inability to use a Nidus Helminth Invigoration on Nidus Prime. 

Unfortunately this will only affect future Invigoration Offerings, if you already have a “bad” Offering for the wrong Nidus this will not correct it.

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