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Oberon ult don't work on steel path.


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Yup, I just posted about this same thing last night .

In normal star chart Oberon at 51% armor reduction would take 2 cast to fully strip armor off an enemy and at 101% reduction would fully remove the armor.

But in Steel Path at 51% it will take 5-6 cast to strip the enemy's armor and at 101% it takes 3 cast .

Hopefully this gets fixed, I mean as it is in Normal star chart Oberon has some tough competition with other warframes but in the Steel Path his Tankiness and his CC is still done better by Wisp and you would think Oberon would be at home in Steel Path.

At least give the old goat man his armor stripping abilities in Steel path so he can then be a viable choice.

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If I remember correctly... It's not. bug... Or rather is a Strange Bug...

All Percentage Based Armor Stripping Methods don't work as expected because the Steel Path Modifiers gives the Enemies a Percentage Bases Buff to their Armor.... Hence a 100% Armor Strip Build requires multiple Applications before it actually works...


However I heard that this doesn't affect Ash's Seeking Shurikens and it also seems like Booben's Bastille is unaffected aswell...



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I think the way it was explained to me is: All enemies get a 50% buff to Armour by way of taking their base value and adding a 50% modifier to it.

Oberon strips armour from that base armour value, which interacts weirdly with the 50% buff.

So if the target had 100 Base Armour to start with, the modifier sets them to 150 base armour. This is the part that Oberon's ability reads. What it should do is read '100 Armour, take 51% from that, leaves 49 Armour, and then the Steel Path buff adds 50% to that for the final value.

But instead Oberon's ability sees a base of 150 and takes 51% of it for 73.5.

The bug, as I understand it, is that this sets the enemy's base armour now to 73.5 and Steel Path then adds the 50% to it, to make it 110.25. Another cast makes 112.5 into 54. The 54 is buffed by the 50% to 81.

Carry this on, 81 becomes 40.5, buffed to 60.75.... You can see how this means that the '+50% Armour' buff is interacting strangely. The armour strip being less than 100% is setting the base armour lower, but it includes the total base armour after the buff, and then the buff re-applies to that new value instead of being reduced with the same value.

Calculations do mean that this can be reduced to 0, but in the same way that old Corrosive used to; after reaching a certain threshold of base armour, it just jumps to 0 instead of performing calculations with 10+ decimal points.

It's kind of silly, really, and I can see why it's taking DE a while to fix this, because the part that's causing the problem is how they actively apply the 50% modifier to the enemies across the board, allowing the enemies to scale on the actual armour curve instead of just exponentially growing.

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