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Why are everything in the game aside from archwings getting better?  I played a regular Salacia the other day spamming the odonata 2,and it couldn't even kill anything. Elytron has such a cool 4th ability, why is dropping a nuke so underwhelming? 

If the ability effectiveness isn't enough to sway anything, why is it every 5 seconds in Deimos I'm getting attacked or knocked outta my archwing? You give us open world and make it nearly impossible to fly around? What the heck is the purpose? 

Crank up the damage on archwings. Amesha is the only balanced one, Itzal has a good pull ability but make the drones better. Odonata needs a full rework, while Elytron definitely needs more damage into his abilities. The nuke should be detonatable in air, not requiring impact. 

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Well, archwings are just a way of transport, so if you don't want to get attacked while using it, blink away.
I understand the feeling of getting knocked off the wings almost as soon as you've deployed them but honestly we have enough terminal scape velocity at the reach of a single button press. Generally speaking, archwings are moderately useless outside of their environment, except for traveling around from point A to point B faster than by Zelda side jumping.
Also, it is a warhead rather than a nuke and while the differences are ever so subtle I feel like explaining them is actually unnecessary.

That and the fact we are still "waiting for modular archwings".
Cause am sure lots have already dropped the idea of getting one.

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i agree.

i have all archwings in the game, but can't even remember what are the abilities anymore because i never use them.


i only know one: itzal's 2.

i simply press that and go back to my all-powerful archguns to kill stuff.

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