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Kill More Infested than Grineer (Solo)


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Im down for an extensive overhaul to all things open world.

  • Bounty Objectives (tweaked timers and bug checks)
  • Fishing (new spawn mechanics)
  • Hunting (this is working pretty well,  OV needs ambient critters tho.  Poop hunting cramps my style.)
  • OV should keep the bases we can take over but maybe change them into a type of endless survival mod (That we shut off instead of extract from).   At the same time add some tents or bunkers spread around the map to launch all tier missions from and same tier missions from like the tents in Cetus.   

The only huge issue I have with open world bounties besides bugs and timers is...... bonus objective rewards and more specifically how it affects the odds of certain loot.  If you do to well you are screwed out of getting that mediocre reward you really wanted etc. 

I kinda love things like Scarlet Spear/Orphix/Dog Days/Plague star where you earn points and then you can spend those points on whatever you want.   Then... doing the bonus crap in bounties is ALWAYS a good thing because you get more points and you can buy more stuff.   Like I could just buy eidolon lens bp instead of trying to roll it or I could buy whatever rare mod or basic lens I want....  this kinda goes against DE's economics but it would be cool.   I guess the events have the point/reward system because they are temporary....

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