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Zephyr's tornados seems to have some sort of damage cap


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Zephyr's tornadoes when hit with enough damage seem to effectively "die" and no longer transfer any damage to the enemies captured within them. In the video I'm using reaper prime heavy attacks to deal damage. It's build and zephyr's build are below. At first everything seems to work fine, I hit the tornadoes, enemies die. After a bit they stop receiving damage and at the end of  the video it also shows the pyrana prime (in other words any other weapon) not being able to transfer damage once the tornadoes have absorbed too much. If anyone else is able to post confirmation of the bug happening to them as well that would be great.

Zephyr Buildunknown.png


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On 2021-05-21 at 11:25 PM, Maggy said:

Issue: Tornado breaks upon reaching a specific damage threshold (500,000), damage redirection effect stops functioning. This is only affected by the amount of raw damage dealt to a tornado (no crits), the redirected damage values do not matter.

Notes: A broken tornado may still pick up and suspend enemies in the air, but will not be able to redirect any weapon damage. It will also lose it's elemental visual effect, effectively signifying you've capped it out.
If you use the Funnel Clouds augment, upon breaking a tornado it will simply vanish entirely, instead of having the visual effect remain.

Reproduction Rate: 100%

With Zephyr's 4, Tornado, once you bypass 500,000 raw damage dealt to a tornado hit-box, the tornado will break. Each tornado of course has it's own health value, so each tornado can absorb this amount of damage before breaking. Once you break a tornado, it will remain there visually, it will still pick up and CC enemies, but it will not be able to redirect any damage from your weapons. This is a massive issue, effectively capping you on how much damage you can deal with each Tornado you make, so basically you aren't able to exceed 1,500,000 damage per Tornado cast. The damage is calculated from raw damage, as the tornados use Object Health, meaning they do not take critical hits into account, so critical weapons will take much longer to break them as they rely mostly on the crit multipliers for their damage.

Video: https://youtu.be/MtRfOIRR1ws

Love y'all at DE, hope to see this fixed very soon as it makes running missions with Zephyr quite annoying, since I end up breaking tornados with only 4-5 shots from my Exergis. :sadcry:

it's been broken since release and DE seems to be ignoring this. but yeah, if you deal enough damage, tornados stop working and this is stupid.

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