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Resource-based Ephemera

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I think it would be interesting to add a set of Ephemera based on resources, as a neat little extra thing you can use those resources that are piling up in your inventory for. It would probably only apply to "rare" or "uncommon" materials, such as

  • Argon Crystals
  • Voidgel Orbs
  • Oxium
  • Morphics
  • Certain mined and refined minerals, such as Trapezium Xenorhast, Marquise Thyst, Cabochon Embolos, etc.
  • Diluted Thermia
  • Spectral Debris

These Ephemera could range from having sharpened Argon Crystals orbit your frame, to unstabilized, liquid Morphics weaving its way around you. There might be more ideas I haven't thought of, but for now, there's potential in using extra resources to craft some new ephemeras, I feel. Thoughts?

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This could be really cool, and would open up some more fashionframe opportunities for those of us who can't really be bothered to grind liches for sweet ephemeras. +1

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I love this. I can already envision having legitimate (fun) arguments with my friends about whether morphics or gallium is better, and representing with the appropriate ephemera. Can you imagine the clout of having an oxium or hexenon ephemera?

I'd also be interested in conservation ephemera. Nothing too intrusive, but I'd love to have a spectral karkina friend swimming around me, maybe only while standing still.

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