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If you're not host some ability & weapon visual effects don't show correct energy color


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For the longest time I've noticed that some abilities and weapon VFX don't use your selected colors randomly. I've never understood why in some missions things work as intended and other times they don't. Its always been a little irritating to be honest.  Its taken some time to pin it down but I've realized it has to do with whether you're the host of not.

For example Vauban's minelayer ability, when you're host the trails left behind the grenades are reflective of your warframe energy colors. But when you're not the host, they revert to the default blue color.

Lavos' vial rush VFX use your energy colors normally but if you're not the host the gas adn toxin effects revert back to their respective defaults. (orange gas and green puddles)

The Pathocyst's maggots detonate when they die as we all know, when you're host they explode in a shower of particles and lighting that match your chosen energy color. When you're not, they revert back to the weapon's default lime green VFX color.

I don't have a full list of all abilities and weapons this problem is affecting, I'm sure there's probably many more. These are just a few I could think of off the top of my head.

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