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Mandachord Update/Remaster Request


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Hi DE!

We Tenno of the music community love instruments like the Shawzin, but we feel that the Mandachord needs some more love with an update or remaster. Here are a few things we would like to see in a future Mandachord update:

+ More Measures and Bars: We would love to be able to have 8 bars to work with instead of 4 so that we can create longer loops.

+ Note Variety or Key/Scale Selection: We would like to see more notes be available for each section (Melody / Bass / Percussion) or the ability to select the scale we would like the song to be in if we only have 5 notes to work with per section. The Shawzin already does this, so why not do it for the Madachord too? This would be selected in the "Composition" field of the Mandachord.

+ Note Types: Being able to create one continuous Melody note instead of the same note rapidly repeating staccato would be wonderful, as well as having an open hi-hat in addition to the closed hi-hat in Percussion. This would be a toggleable option in the "Instruments" field of the Mandachord, or be included as an option when placing a note.

+ Save Slots Please! Having more save slots will make the music world a much better place, even if it means it's a platinum purchase for each extra slot.

+ Tempo/Time Signature Selection: Having the ability to select our own tempo or time signature would be wonderful! This would be selected in the "Composition" field of the Mandachord.


We understand that doing an update this extensive would take a lot of time, so we encourage our dear Devs to make the Tenno Music world a better place one step at a time one small tweak at a time. Seeing any of these updates come to fruition would be a Tenno's dream come true, even if the update is only in part.


TLDR: Pretty please with a cherry on top, give the Mandachord a loving update! 



- Sincerely, Your Musical Tenno Community 

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