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Valkyr Carnivex Noble Animation + Bows = ...


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This extremely short video is highlighting the bug that has been in the game since this amazing animation was released.

The Valkyr Carnivex Noble and Agile animations are something to behold on almost any frame, however, this bug is pertaining to the Noble Animation.

In the video, I am using the Kuva Bramma, with the Oscira Bow skin on, as an example, as the bow is awkwardly moving in the middle and at the end of the animation.

Regardless of skin or whichever bow you use, the animation always breaks, using this specific animation with bows.

I am hoping come Veilbreaker or the next foreseeable update, that this gets resolved as it is a cool animation for bows as a whole, but the bow spinning like that at the end seems broken and out of place. 

Attached here is the link to the video of the animation in my arsenal: 


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