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Could there be a new two-handed Nikana stance?


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I really like Tatsu, but dislike the stance Wise Razor. Could there be another one?

The regular combo is interesting, but as it moves you, I find it a bit counter-intuitive for it not being the foward one.

The forward combo doesn't give the feel of a strong attack, like other combos.

The block combo doesn't exist.

The main problem for me: the forward block combo starts off with high mobility, which is nice, but then follows up to a slam that locks you in place unless you roll from it. It doesn't have a smooth flow for a sword.

I really like two-handed nikanas, but the flow of the only stance they have is very unpleasant. 

Something that could slash in big arcs, and move me around, could be great.

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Wise Razor is pretty much universally hated. Some even recommend using two handed nikana without stance. 

Stance is pretty much reason why I don't use two handed nikanas even thought I think I have them all. I even leveled tenet livia to 40 which was a pain. after that it's been collecting dust in arsenal.

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