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Frost Tweaks


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Our local Snowman could use a bit more oomph in his icy powers.

Passive - Raised freeze chance to 25% and also applies when Frost melees enemies (freezes the enemy, not Frost).

- The passive is mainly geared for Infested, but seldom procs since it requires melee range and RNG. At that point, Frost might as well hit back, slow them or freeze them solid himself.


Freeze - Projectile speed increased. AoE also freezes nearby enemies solid. No longer destroys Snow Globe, instead heals the globe by a percentage and reapplies invulnerability phase.

- The guided snowball often misses since it's not a 100% home-in projectile, and it travels slowly. If you miss, you often overshoot and make a slowing snowpatch on the far wall or ground behind your target. Might as well freeze the area rather than direct hit.

- The reverse synergy of popping a globe rather than strengthening it by Freezing it solid to be more durable... yeah, Frost is a defensive frame, he could use more ways to keep his defenses up.


Ice Wave - On hit, refreshes frozen duration on frozen enemies, from other abilities: Passive, Freeze, Snow Globe, and Avalanche.

- Ice Wave's damage is nothing much worth noting, it's a wave-based slowing ability. Adding this ice-based synergy in seem fitting to keep Frost alive and his enemies still.


Snow Globe - Aim and hold the ability key to burst a distant Snow Globe belonging to Frost.

- If Xaku's Gaze and Garuda's Blood Altar can do this easily, Snow Globe could too. No additional energy required, just a QoL.


Avalanche - Ice burst AoE damage/proc on death also applies when the frozen enemies defrost. This damage applies before Armor reduction wears off.

- An extra effect in case they thaw and Frost needs them CC-ed. Depending if Avalanche's Armor reduction will be changed to perma-strip in Veilbreaker or not, the extra damage and Cold procs will definitely help out.


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I like some of your ideas.

Something I am noticing though is that many Frost fans have their own idea on how to revise revisit him, but are making their own  separate threads. The thread "the truth about ash" is simply asking for QoL changes for ash, but by doing it in the same thread and adding on to it, it makes it stand out. What I'm trying to say if I'm saying anything, is "We the Frosts" need our own super thread and come together with a censuses about what Frost needs. It is not because the Frost players don't care, it is that most of us have grown tired of repeating our selves again and again just to see another Frost thread get bumbed down the list.

Then again, what do I know. One look at my profile will tell you that with all the years of playing Frost, I have not made many threads my self.

Not trying to insult you or criticize you or down play your thread. 

As always, I look forward to constructive criticism and discussion.


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6 hours ago, PsiWarp said:


I would allow him to apply 11th Cold stack with weapons that would Freeze enemies ( normally, Cold caps at 10 stacks ).

RNG freezing is kinda meh.....I mean.....imagine having a flaming blade....and then it freezes someone solid.  

6 hours ago, PsiWarp said:

No longer destroys Snow Globe, instead heals the globe by a percentage and reapplies invulnerability phase.

Put this on Ice Wave instead.     Why not 1st?  Exactly because of its range and cost.  Cheap globe fix from really long range will make Frost "lazy".   

I am not even sure he needs anything for his Globes....they are already VERY solid and useful. Many applications too.

I also prefer 1 to stay as globe detonator.  Its satisfying somehow. Better than just holding 3 ( I have Garuda and Xaku)


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