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anyone playing warframe on proton ?



wondering because I am experiencing strange "first time" lag, like first time opening a door will lag me out, first time seeing an explosion can have me freeze for 3 seconds etc the more i play the smoother it goes but seems like maybe it's happening every time I start the game fresh.

anyone else on proton experiencing similar ?

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That may be normal the first time you encounter things, on the DX12 engine. Use the DX11 engine for a smoother gameplay, but even the DX12 engine should smooth out in a little bit of gameplay.

If you get the pre-compiling dialog during startup, let it finish - or don't, but expect a bit stuttering then during gameplay for a while.

It should be butter-smooth once the shade cache is filled. I have no idea why the shader cache would reset, or how one could force one even if desired (besides purposefully deleting it). A major Proton version change will cause a rebuild?

Try different Proton versions. Proton experimental should work IIRC, but I've been using GloriousEggroll versions for quite some time.

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