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Last Gasp Fluidity Changes (It Feels Less Fluid With Veilbreaker)


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With the release of Veilbreaker, I've noticed that Last Gasp no longer works the same. Prior to this update, when you went down and got yourself back up with last Gasp, you'd simply reenter your frame like you transferred back in and would immediately be able to move. It felt VERY good and fluid. Now with the new change, you have to go through the full respawn animation of hovering and releasing energy (as shown in the video). It takes 2 extra seconds and doesn't feel fluid. This animation even plays when someone revives you which doesn't make sense considering there was already an animation. That should be the "get up from revive animation".

My suggestion: Return the animation for when you kill the enemies. In that if you killed the needed enemies, you simply shift back into your frame seamlessly and get the normal 5 second invulnerability period. That gives you a chance to get out of dodge and feels fluid like before. 

The animation change for getting revived during last Gasp eems to be almost the exact same time wise so I have no qualms with that. 



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