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Regal Aya Pricing


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The pricing Prime Accessories in Prime Resurgence is strictly worse than in Prime Vault.

The cheapest bundle costs €17.77, the same as a Prime Accessories bundle previously. However, you only get 3 Regal Aya. Every Prime comes with at least 2 cosmetics that always cost 2 Regal Aya. This means that the equivalent of a Prime Accessories bundle has gotten more expensive, both in how much players pay for the cosmetics and in how much they need to pay to get it. Instead of being able to buy only 4 Regal Aya, players have to pay double to get 7.

This is also ignoring Primes with more than 2 cosmetics like Wukong, whose cosmetics are even more expensive.

I think a decent solution would be to make the smallest Regal Aya bundle contain 4 instead of 3, and increasing the amounts in the larger bundles to follow suit. 

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I'm looking at the accessories too, I remember pricing being a topic last time around.

I would like to see bundles with no platinum at half price or double the regal aya at the same price added for those of us less interested in the platinum.

I'll need 10 regal aya for the accessories, so either $60 for two bundles to get the 10 or $80 for 15. I'm sure to be missing a few more in the next few rotations so I'd have to consider more in the future. It feels like $12 per accessory because of the platinum in the bundles, I want the pretty key-chain not the car it's attached to.

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