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Shattering Impact Mod Doesn't Work


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4 minutes ago, Grisznaker said:

I checked on my Vastilok and few other weapons and Shattering Impact doesn't removing an armor of enemy.

What enemy?  Were you looking at damage numbers or just the health bar color?

If you were in squad, there's this note in the wiki article under bugs:

Very often the armor reduction from Shattering Impact appears to only be able to be applied by the host as the health bar remains yellow for the clients. However, the actual effects from the armor stripping are applicable for the whole squad.

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I checked on lvl 190 Corrupted Heavy Gunner and i had propper build on Vastilok but it seems like few minutes ago even if i dealt 20 or 30 hits it didn't work but after that time i enter Simulacrum again and my Vastilok starts stripping armor after 10-11 shots again. It's hard to explain why it wasn't and why it work now.

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