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Sentient Eximus :D


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54 minutes ago, TARINunit9 said:

Old lore (read: 2013) implies the very concept of Eximi are Grineer and Corpus inventions

Design-wise, I'm not sure what it would accomplish

While weapon immunity is a natural part of Sentients, it often too little too late, as most high end players will dispatch the most powerful Sentients in a single shot.  Rather than an "Eximus" variant, I'd like to see players fear "all" of  them again, not just a subset in their regiment. I don't know how that would manifest. However, statistically I'd say  Sentients make up a small fraction of the Warframe body count. I'd like them more challenging than they are currently. I recognize the player base is high and low in terms advancement / progression. And it would be very difficult to accomplish in a way that challenges everyone equally regardless of time invested in the game.

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