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Hespar's Heavy attack as a Glaive Throw


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 Hespar gets to be thrown like a glaive at some point hopefully?

Many melee weapons have some cool alternate ability or skills which make it unique to them and also a bit more fun to use over and over.

Wolf sledge has a throw function where you can throw the melee, vitrica has a unique crystalizing effect when a projectile is thrown from it in mid air while aim gliding and a gorund slam would send a slash wave to shatter the crystalized enemies. 

Hespar being a gigantic scythe at best feels fun only when using attack speed mods. The heavy attack felt too common and even the charged heavy attack felt very similar to most melee attack cos it just swings it and done. But what if Hespar can be thrown like a glaive at enemies and did a decent amount of hits per spin on it? Hespar doesnt have to loose its heavy attack completely or its heavy attack combos.  It could atleast depend on something like a double jump and then aimglide to be able to throw the hespar ? that would be great to see and more fun to use it. Currently glaives are more fun and good at crowd controls, so had this feed back for hespar to add a glaive throw ability for the hespar scythe itself to be thrown like a glaive but atleast on a certain conditon if possible (double jump+aimglide+hold quick melee to throw hespar in mid air itself which does a glaive like melee throw attack).

Hoep this can happen for hespar else just give a possibility of hespar skin to be used on other heavy weapons if it was too much to ask for a glaive throw. Just something I personally felt about hespar eing a much more fun weapn than what it is now normally like other regular melees. And that was my feed back. Whoever reads this have a good day and stay healthy and always keep smiling.

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