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  1. fall and you die vs fall and loose the active power... hmm i think the lesser evil is loose my powers
  2. astral twilight works also https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Astral_Twilight
  3. 200 slots? lol serious? why not all the known mods on the weapon and be totlay busted while whe at it
  4. introduce anti aoe eximus type enemy for all factions
  5. trade ban? just no trading for 2weeks. no big deal
  6. not everything revolves around damage mayb?
  7. ammo max aint magazine size. +mag wil increase it
  8. Lemme sacrafise 1mil focus to respec my Madurai mistake I made when I started.
  9. Codex and clear active quest? Lol
  10. Eh, I hope those arms are a aux item..
  11. u do by the Kuva Fortress at the node called taveuni
  12. the GOTL of the dev stream the veiled shotgun unveiled as a vermisplicer a kitgun riven @[DE]Momaw @[DE]Rebecca
  13. somebody in discord where i am also got a vermisplicer
  14. How do unveil a kitgun riv from a veiled shotgun?? a vermisplicer a KITGUN from the SHOTGUN riv from the GOTL @[DE]Momaw@[DE]Rebecca
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