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Oberon rework idea


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Oberon isn't a starter that got buffed in the current update but should still be looked into these are simply ideas built off and or around his current kit.


Passive changes: three ideas 

Passive idea 1: His armor and health are linked to everyone in the squad at 50% the amount you have and 100% for all pets

Passive idea 2: Passive rejuvenation at 5 health/sec for Oberon and squad

Passive idea 3: Oberon gets an extra pet that's an exalted Kubrow that can revive players and Oberon and keeps his current passive and makes it more effective pet can die but revives after 60/seconds 

Smite buffs/changes: make it scale with both armor and health to compensate for its low damage base projectiles 10 stripping 1% armor per projectile hit scales with strength range duration efficiency 

Hallow ground buffs/changes: allow it to be charged to increase range and duration 

(makes full 360 at max charge and increases duration by 50%)

still allow four grounds to be active improving ability efficiency and effectiveness 

(similar to hydroid who only needs stretch to have reliable range) scales with duration strength range efficiency 

Renewal buffs/changes: it's drain overtime should be a single drain and have a critical heal ie its healing is double while someone is lower then 20%hp iron Renewal should be an effect that automatically activates when you cast to save energy and no longer requires Hallow ground but is instead buffed while Oberon or players effected by Renewal are standing on it. scales with strength range efficiency duration 

Reckoning buffs/changes: it's base armor strip should be 50% and if an enemy is on hollow ground its damage is increased aswell as blinding the enemy's and pulling them close to the player. When they are not on hollow ground they get lifted and slammed still stripping armor at half the amount scales with strength range efficiency duration 

Most of these changes/buffs don't need Stat increases but Quality of life changes ie non specified damage or status increases and simply better synergy 

sincerely an Oberon main (leerking45)

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