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Please fix controller issues


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We have some major issues with using costom controller configs. We really need to have other config options for each specific type of game play, kahl for example needs it's own config layout so we can manually determine what button does each of the actions. For the first weekly mission and the quest i had to change my buttons around in order to play the missions, if that's gonna be a trend it's gonna get to the point where I'm just gonna say nope, id rather not go through the trouble of figuring out what button needs to be switched and to what button it needs to be added to. Since these are technically npcs i think i think the config should say npc, it's just that for a short period of time they become playable characters. Or perhaps they could call or pc for playable characters. Either way this is what's needed.


Also i think a press and a press and hold setting would be amazing. Then i could say l3 press for switch weapon l3 hold for ability menu that would work. Then we could program a lot more functions.



IT'S TIME !!!!!

I have also made a YouTube video explaining some other issues with controller configs


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