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We need a hulk frame!


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On 2022-09-22 at 12:27 PM, -Moctezuma- said:

except baruuk is garbo

I find it ironic that the person who finds a defensive frame to be trash interacts constantly with the person who thinks one of the most offensive frames is trash. 

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I for one am sort of glad they took a chance with Hildryn, rather than go for a stereotypical "Hulk" body-shaped male frame. And Hildryn even has a different body shape than She-Hulk. It's a little more original and isn't just "She-Hulk covered in shieldy-making things"

If you're looking for "barrel arm-and-chest dude", I think the best you're getting for now is Atlas and his Karst deluxe, if you don't mind looking like a sentient pile of rocks and crystals

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