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Sliding Combat


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Didn't really know where to put this so hopefully people see this and gets this to someone who can help, I am a huge movement person (one of my MANY loves of this game) but other games have forced my brain to use my B button to crouch/doge and SLIDE. So, I change my original controls to B as those and LB as run (I couldn't find the "Toggle sprint" for down on my left stick originally) and same situation as X for mele so I changed that too. But I was really missing out of the sliding attacks and wasn't able to execute comfortably. There's an option to have B has sprint/crouch/slide and as another button as sprint/roll, my request is if DE can add slide to Sprint/roll Aswell (basically adding two button options for what would be Sprint/crouch/doge) That way if I wanted to slide I could with LB but also be able to doge/crouch and slide with B Aswell so I can execute bullet jump with my muscle memory. I feel this would help many other Tenno (I'm sure I'm not the only one whose had this problem or maybe I am lol idk). But for now, I'll have Slide/doge/crouch as LB and B as spring/roll until (Hopefully) this or another option appears. Thanks DE love yall either way!

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