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Secondary Focus School suggestion.


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So I've had a mental list for years now of things that I think should happen with the Focus system and operators in general.  We recently checked several of those off the list, which was a large surprise.  Shields and overall survivability upgrades.  A buff to combat effectiveness and better utility for each school.  I had ideas for increasing warframe stats with operator abilities and several schools and arcanes do that now.  All a pleasant surprise.

But there is a very long standing community issue that I would like to propose a fix for.  Universal vacuum.  

The idea is an always active, passive secondary school that you could put a bunch of functions in.  People have been asking the devs to decouple vacuum from companions for years now.  Having a secondary school that granted several QOL mechanics to the player through all forms (frame, op, mech, archwing, etc) both gives the players what they ask for in terms of that decoupling, as well as incentivizes Focus grind and doesn't just give it to the player for free, which DE seems to think is a problem.  It provides much needed utility to the operator as well as the mechs, and overall improves the player experience.  For the small contingent of players that hate the idea of univac, or just don't care, it's optional in this form.  It also acts as a resource dump for long standing players with millions of built up excess focus.

Focus would be transferrable from any other school, the same way the old pool system worked.  

Suggestions for things that could go in this school:

  • Univac that would equal what we have now, and not stack with vacuum that is on companions.  Just the same vacuum we already have, but now we can't lose it because our cat ran into a pack of enemies.  At most it frees up a single slot on companions and gives the player QOL in return for grinding Focus.
  • Loot and enemy radar, equivalent to a non-primed Animal Instinct, that would stack with companion and warframe mods.  The mods would still have a use, because more radar is always better.  But you can't lose it if it's only on your companion this way.  They could even be separate nodes.  More grind.  More engagement.
  • The ability to automatically cloak your operator and companion on transfer out so that you aren't immediately a target, or break stealth.
  • The formerly proposed "Umbra any frame" idea that DE had could become something you unlock as the operator's ability to do, rather than a one-time consumable.  It can't be too OP now with the ammo changes.  And because it's a focus node, you can turn it off anytime, or just not unlock it at all.
  • We have two ability keys still open on operator.  I know this is going to sound drastic, but:  Having a second focus school that you could swap to mid-mission with one of those ability keys.  It should probably come with "drains all operator energy" and maybe some kind of cooldown on use, but having the ability to swap from one school to another would not only give you more tools in the toolbox, but it would encourage Focus grind because it discourages sticking to just one school.  
  • For that last ability key, having a way to reload your amp by dumping operator energy into it would be awesome.

I know they just reworked focus, but the issues that are present with having QOL mechanics tied to AI companions is a long standing problem, imo.  I know DE likes grind and getting those engagement numbers up, and they obviously want people to engage with the focus grind, considering they did just dump a bunch of time into the changes.  I think this would be a great way to get players to care more about operators, give players what they want, and increase incentives to engage with those systems.

Also, just a fun thought experiment for what other people would want to see in a passive secondary school.

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