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Ash Bladestorm Kills not counting

(XBOX)OGC Vic Vinegar

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I was running a Solo mission on Adaro Sedna with a goal of approximately 125 kills to complete the mission. My loadout consisted of Ash Prime, Naramon focus, and the Slaytra, no other gear. When I completed the mission it highlighted my melee kills stat saying I got 38 melee kills. The strange thing is that I only had 55 total kills for the mission listed when I know the real total should be 120-130 kills. I did the same mission again. This time the goal was 110 kills. I purposely used only bladestorm to get kills. At the end of the mission the game reported that I completed the mission with 20 kills.

I then went to the simulacrum to test this more easily. I spawned 20 level 50 infested chargers, used bladestorm to kill them all and checked mission progress and only had 1 kill. After 80 total enemies spawned I check progress again and only have 6 kills. I noticed in here that most enemies did show any damage numbers occurring during the ability. Upon seeing this I switched to 5 level 50 Grineer Butchers and found that if a target shows damage numbers the kill will be counted in the mission progress screen.

I spawned 100 Butchers and used Bladestorm to kill each group of 20, after five waves of spawns I checked the mission progress screen and had a total of 16 kills.

I noticed something was strange a while back when Bladestorm stopped work for the finisher kills riven challenge and am wondering if this is related. 

Affinity is still earned on cast and kill for the Bladestorm targets.

I will continue to test this and can provide more build details if needed, tested with other melee weapons still no kill counting.


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I just tried that after reading your comment, it seems like it works properly when joined, you will still lose kills to any clones that attack a target right before you teleport to hop in. I spawned in groups of level 50 butchers i was getting roughly 15-18 kills out of 20. I also tested against level 190 corrupted heavy gunners and scored 15 out of 20 kills again. All these tests were done with unpaused ai and no invincibility. 

So in a way that is a small bandaid solution, however since the changes to Bladestorm happened years ago I personally have never jumped into the ability intentionally since it's way less efficient than letting the ability just do its thing while I progress through the mission or shoot targets that are too beefy for Bladestorm alone to handle. 

I would definitely like to see other players results because it is a very strange issue. Like mentioned above I still see affinity from each enemy killed so it isn't game breaking, just odd completing a solo Adaro with 14 kills on the end of mission report.

I also had a friend try to replicate the bug and it showed him getting 4 out 20 kills.

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I did check Wukong the day after my initial post and all the clone kills were counting toward the total. just checked Mirage with a few single target weapons to make sure the clone did the damage, and all kills were counted. Equinox' Duality augment is fine too. For good measure I checked a regular specter in mission, and even its kills counted toward the total.

Calibans Conculysts do not add kills to the player total. I checked most other frames that have a minion/specter ability and they added to player kills. So now Caliban and Ash are in a very strange situation with their abilities not adding kills to the total.

For Caliban it probably sees it as an enemy faction killing an enemy faction like a crossfire mission, but this is only a guess for what could be going on.

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