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Grineer Drifter Outfit's LINING COLOR issue. (+pics)


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I think a lot of us who bought the Drifter Grineer armor bundle, that it'd be very cool if DE could separate the color channel of the Drifter Grineer Sleeves' shoulder pads and the waist's accessories

I mean look at this:



Maybe it's sorta a long time coming already...I mean, this was out quite a long time ago. But since they sorta did a similar thing with Styanax's tertiary and accent color issue, perhaps they can do something about this

I just want to have my red colored shoulder pads, and gold colored accessories man.

I mean...I dunno WHY a HUGE chunk of the shoulder pads count as LINING? I thought Lining color is usually for small metallic and accent details and such.

Merging the occupied shoulder pads' area with any of the color slots below, Primary or Secondary would be fine. Just as long as the Lining Color doesn't make up for like...70% of the shoulder pads!


WHILE WE'RE AT IT, i guess there's another armor set that has this issue as well (and perhaps there are others)...the Harrier bundle:



It kinda makes it really difficult to customize around with other armor parts, I mean, right here you can see me having to settle with default color because if I go for gold (for the prime ones), it'll make my torso bright yellow, that doesn't look too cool. 

I hope in the future we'll see this sorta thing less. I don't care if they merge the torso part with the other color slots down below, just leave the Lining Color for small metallic and accent details, so we can go for GOLD. 

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10 minutes ago, BatVenomPL said:

What they did with Styanax was just swapping two color channels, this is a completely different issue

I know, that's why I said "of sort".

If they cared enough to do SOMETHING about Styanax's issue, maybe they will exert a bit of effort in this as well. 

Like I said, who knows.

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