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  1. I'll always say that's better havinng skins thematically similar and transferable sentience rather than new variants. I think umbra is just the "excalibur prime" for non founder players with a cool lore and quest, and while there is room for new umbra variants for lore reasons, it would be too much clutter imho Maybe when you gave them sentience DE could make an existing ability in the frame as umbra variant like the radial howl vs radial blind, this way you keep the umbra variant with the prime stats, something like the Echoes of Umbra they didn't released.
  2. The title is kinda confusing but the user is asking for something like the riven cipher to avoid doing task and getting the riven. Basically is asking to pay for an item to avoid doing a mission that doesn't want to do and getting the sortie prize
  3. No, the first two issues are regarding twitch itself and the reason on why we aren't getting items for watching streams for now and why prime gaming was removed. The second issue is regarding how the game sends and recieve data only after the mission ends for normal missions. So no, those issues has nothing to do with payment stuff
  4. This is weird because in Void Storms you get more endo, more void traces, more credits and even radiant relics and people says it's not worth the time 🤯
  5. Yep, it seems to be, since I also can't redeem it. Here is another code so anyone can grab it without login on that #*!%ing site: 4FA0-CE3C-0DA3-5F13
  6. I changed my birthdate and it worked, also used just 9 chars instead the insane passwords I was making, so whatever it was, was one of those things
  7. I'm gonna check but I'm making passwords impossible to remember and doesn't work EDIT: Not even with VPN wtf, I'm suing more than 16 characters with numbers, caps, no caps and special chars
  8. I can't set a password and I'm following their policy, the password is even created for this sole use and then I'll dump the account :(
  9. Grendel prime will be the first prime needing the regular parts as components
  10. Hating Justin Bieber it's still a thing? I thought that died ages ago, even before the death of chuck norris memes or rage comics
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