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  1. why start another thread with assumptions when there are plenty of them to reply?
  2. Remember unairu adds 60 base armor to any frame too... By your logic, it "adds something". I don't know if this is some kind of language barrier, but what I'm reading is "adding is different than chaning" with a full biased way of defining what's "add" and "change". I think you just doesn't like to press 5 and that's why you defend so hard passives against active abilities. You think you are "walking", but for the host you are moving erratic and shooting or pressing E maybe hit something, that doesn't mean it works different for the operator, the same lag with the transference is the lag you got with other things, but since you can't move until the transference is complete, gives the full impression of what you describe. Hell, even doors are still bugged even with the client side fix. Sorry, but I think you don't remember how painful is early game without mods, forma, companions and a lot of things you don't just get doing a couple of missions, because in early game you can't even have a full ranked frame doing a couple of missions. If what you are saying was true, it would be pointless just go for "efficency", people wouldn't bare the endo, credits, resource, weapon and frame farm that is behind the frame gameplay. If you say "Gameplay doesn't change from a fully modded warframe to an empty modded one" then we have a different understanding of gameplay, because mechanics doesn't change, but gameplay changes a lot from a full modded frame with various forma to a modless frame. It's like saying the gameplay of a speddva or a slowva it's the same as a modless nova. Everything in warframe needs investment to be "fun" or simply usable on high content, for regular content or early game, even a rank 0 operator is enough with his basic kit, just like a frame.
  3. It's the same with frames tho, but it's a matter of practice, like the one everyone had when started to play warframe. In fact, all of the post I'm quoting right now can be summarized with "people don't like the operator gameplay and they aren't used to it", wich is fine imho, everyone has different tastes. But tastes doesn't determine if something is good or not, it's about if tat thing works or not. Unairu works, it's niche (like most schools and operator gameplay itself), but aren't useless by any means. Your whole analysis can be done word by word to validate the usage of Mag on every content because can strip every defense from enemies with the tap of one button, wich by your logic invalidates the use of corrosice/magnetic/fire weapons. Having different tools for the same purpose with different mechanical approaches is good, adds variety and allows to different playstyles to exist. Operator gameplay is far from useless and that's the "misinformation" I was talking about, like, people saying "vazarin is useless" suprised me a lot considering the full 5 secs (and without cooldown) of invulnerability plus 60% of the heals for every allied moving thing that you can do on a 10m (app) radius that you do for every single dash that you can do and the 20 m of innate CC that vazarin has, plus the 8 quick res and the 500 hp/s that heals on static objectives. How that can be bad? I can't understand it, even if someone doesn't like the operator gameplay, how someone can say those benefits are bad? It's that bad leaving a frame for a few secs? Lag can't be used as argument, because lags everything, not just the operator, this is like blaming whatever frame for host migrations. This thing about the operator is full recursive logic, because players don't like the operator because "it's weak" or "it's too different from frame gameplay" -> they don't invest on the operator so the operator remains weak or the player remains without the practice to get used to the gameplay - > players don't like the operator because "it's weak" or "it's too different from framge gameplay" and I think that maybe a genuine rework of the schools, more amp varitey or basic melee combat and more good arcanes can make a difference (unless we take into account those edgy players that don't like the operator "because it's just a teen wtf I'm not a babysitter!!!!!11" or somehting like that) and attract more people to it
  4. No, because you need to understand void mode. Try deactivating and activating again on the ir and you'll understand. Also, I travel way mroe faster as operator on open worlds and regular tile sets than a warframe. Most of the time I'm the first on extraction point or in the mission objective because of that (not even gauss can surpass the operator) Actually is Void Strike te "key" ability with madurai. People don't use it for the 25%+ for elemental and 25% for pyshic. VS needs void mode. Key ability for naramon is opening executions forever for every enemi who hwas touched by void dash, VAzarin key ability is healing teammates/companions/defense objectives with void dash, Zenurik is energizing dash. Pressing 5 isn't a wonky mini game. You don't know magus Cloud then, lol. Also, please, post a video of the corrosive weapon armor strip for the eidolon, because AFAIK just CP and shattering impact can strip that armor. I'll be waiting. Also, besides the armor striping, is the sweet 50% enemy damage reduction. And the only boss you can "one shot" is (more like it was, because shield gating) the Sergeant, every other boss has multiple invulnerability phases and capped damage. With naramon, I was thinking about Void Stalker, my bad.
  5. vanaukas


    Nostalgia googles are a real thing on this community, how the hell people thought this was cool, same with void keys, stamina and raids.
  6. Sorry but: The operator can air glide, also can stay almost static on the same spot on the air on void mode, because void mode reduce your gravity on first place. What "wonky mini game"? Dashing through enemies? Every school has key abilities tied to void mode and void dash... If you don't dash, most schools don't do nothing "just existing" Naramon melee decay isn't passive, you have to enter to void mode to activate it. You can't strip 75% of the armor faster than unairu, because all of the weapon strip mechanics needs more than 1 input to do it. Unairu is literally one dash (and if you are smart, you'll be using magus cloud to maximize the effect). I get people don't like it, because the focus grind used to be very long, but with the Lua Lens the grind was reduced greatly, also tridolons are easy to do with the proper gear even if you don't have a good amp (but with at least someone else). Just say you don't like it, it's more honest than your long comment filled with misinformation trying to validate your point.
  7. The only hard thing on ropalolyst fight were the bugs, I had to restart that mission so many times because bugs related to the transference
  8. Naramon: god melee Unairu: god armor strip and defensive skills (80% DR + full invis) Madurai: God dmg Vazarin: God heals Zenurik: God energy and CC Every school is good if it's played properly, needs a rework because it actually needs a modular system other than waybounds that aren't modular at all but mandatory. There is no space for diversity with the current amps and arcanes. Schools and operator can't compete with warframes on endgame BUT they are very close on regular content. People who says that the operator isn't fluid it's because they aren't playing as operator to understand how to move as operator, because you have to calculate diferent than we used to calculate distances on frames. Same with dmg and other abilities. I can understand the fact that people doesn't like the operator, but it doesn't hurt reading the schools or the wiki if tjey want to argue about it... Because there is a lot of misinformation on this thread.
  9. No, they are going to drop the list before the update, also the system is 1 susumed frame per day (24h), there is plenty of time to decide wich frame farm first. Don't waste time speculating abilities, DE is changing them too.
  10. People talk about there is no meta right now but you either go madurai volt with 1-7-7 or unairu/vazarin 7-7-7 in groups to be "efficient" and not wasting an entire night just for 1 hydrolyst. Also, Trinity still gives the 75% DR to lures, just lile vazarin still makes them invulnerable and heal the 60% o their health in the process. Static defense objectives were nerfed, aka def, mob def and exca.
  11. they talked about the "sanctuary" area that can be seen on their starchart? Because I don't recall hearing something about it. Anyone knows about it or about the OP question?
  12. holy S#&$ I thought they were for just some bounties, I cant believe we have a biomecha and also a full proper mecha in our hands
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