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  1. I've been using full AMD desktops for nearly a decade and I don't have your issues with warframe at all
  2. After reading your whole thread , I feel the obligation to tell you something: You still are
  3. Running Cambion Drift also drops a decent ammount of Mutagen Samples, that was my major income after years of doing survival on Derrelict sometimes (never consistently).
  4. I think OP was talking about the multiple evergreen or useful drops in just one place (kuva, resources, credits, endo, relics, SE, arcanes. etc) rather than "the ammount", but as usual, some forum users just want to be contrarians
  5. No, Teshin was talking to Ordis (and to himself) the whole time. Dual nikanas on Teshin are there since the introduction of the character tho, also Double sword/daggers mechanics exist in game before the trailer (Dual skanna, Dark split sword, Nami skyla, Fang prime...)
  6. I think there is enough info on the internet for new players at this point, wich will render the system of "mentors" useless, more so if you are asking for the literal Guides of the Lotus again 8even with the rewards for MR milestones). Also, feeding new players with info it's what overwhelms them on first place, it's like feeding a baby with a giant spoon and then wondering why the baby can't eat the whole thing.
  7. No date of release yet, but it's Nidus Prime, confirmed on Tennocon
  8. I wish they could introduce a "universal nightwave credits system*" so this could be completely avoided, but here we are
  9. Play again but don't buy anything just in case, because this is maybe far from being implemented
  10. I want to put some "sentience chip" on the necramech like in titanfall 2
  11. Don't worry about it really, just play whatever you want if it serves to the mission objectives.
  12. If you want to unlock more schools (or farm focus more efficently) you still ned to run bounties in Open Worlds (Cetus -> Plains of EIdolon, Fortuna -> Orb Vallis, Nekralisk -> Cambion Drift). 4 regular lenses makes a Greater Lens (4 madurai lens = Greater Madurai Lens for example). Then you need to farm an specific bountie in Cetus (the last one, level 5 or 6 if you have Steel Path unlocked) to get the Eidolon Lens Blueprint. Then you convert your greater lens into Eidolon Lens. Then you could farm in Apolo - Lua the Lua Lens, wich is the one that gives the most affinity from all of them. Check this page if you are interested: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Focus_Lens
  13. farm another one and use it, you can use lens on every frame, every weapon for frames and also on the operator amp
  14. Can an admin make a pinned thread for this once for all? Seriously, it's a need at this point, people won't stop asking about this and DE staff should knew about this, it was obvious. Please make a FAQ...
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