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  1. Silly me, I just did a Sister and the achievement unlocked, counts as a node to do.
  2. I think it would be more difficult to achieve that rather than just move some values on cooldown or trail duration, I think that reducing the cooldown will achieve best of all worlds, because a trail with too much duration maybe it's prone to bugs and I've already stateing my opinion on a new pathfinding system.
  3. Ok I'm too lazy to test it myself but I remember one limitation... but I honestly can't remember if I'm remembering wrong
  4. I would love to have the possibility to stick 2 utility abilities together in the same build, but it won't happen since it would lead to the powercreep crowd to ask for the same but for things like your examples with deleting enemies faster (faster than already is in some cases tho).
  5. Just unlocked this and FOR THE VOID, please rework this. Even Super Jump had more utility than this, seriously, I thought it was the usual overr reaction from the community, but it isn't EDIT: Ok, this are my takes on how to fix it: - Reducing the cooldown to 5 or less secs (or better yet, a cooldown that ends when the trail ends) - If reducing the cooldown isn't an option, then the trail should go farther away while in cooldown. The ability indeed work as intended, but it's a pain to use, because the direction it gives it's just too vague, the lenght of the trail it's too short and the cooldown (20 secs) it's just overkill paired with the aforementioned limitations.
  6. How did you jump into that conclussion? For me, non english speaker, it was pretty clear what they said
  7. Yes, Acolytes spawn on Steel Path open worlds (even on "free roam")
  8. Even urinating with friends is funny, I don't get why people uses it as argument. You could poke a turd with sticks with your friends and it will funny as hell too.
  9. I've been using full AMD desktops for nearly a decade and I don't have your issues with warframe at all
  10. Running Cambion Drift also drops a decent ammount of Mutagen Samples, that was my major income after years of doing survival on Derrelict sometimes (never consistently).
  11. I think OP was talking about the multiple evergreen or useful drops in just one place (kuva, resources, credits, endo, relics, SE, arcanes. etc) rather than "the ammount", but as usual, some forum users just want to be contrarians
  12. No, Teshin was talking to Ordis (and to himself) the whole time. Dual nikanas on Teshin are there since the introduction of the character tho, also Double sword/daggers mechanics exist in game before the trailer (Dual skanna, Dark split sword, Nami skyla, Fang prime...)
  13. I think there is enough info on the internet for new players at this point, wich will render the system of "mentors" useless, more so if you are asking for the literal Guides of the Lotus again 8even with the rewards for MR milestones). Also, feeding new players with info it's what overwhelms them on first place, it's like feeding a baby with a giant spoon and then wondering why the baby can't eat the whole thing.
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