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  1. it's a spoiler for the second dream quest, says something about an error in transference and a relink occurs before you enter the mission or before you enter your ship, onbiously it's just text and fx but very cool imho
  2. The same question could be done to real rituals, like the vast list of body modifications around the world. Why some tribes do the neck thing while others do tattoos? Why they stop just there? And the answer lies in the history and lore of each tribe/group of people, in their culture itself. In the case of Orokin could anything the devs want to be, even a punishment, rituals aren't just made to celebrate something but also, like executions, it could mean punishment...
  3. I believe is due some kind of void related ritual, since the void can stretch your body (like the fingers of Albretch we use in our railjack reliquary). If someone hasn't the long arm, that individual didn't performed that ritual.
  4. we don't even have "command intrinsic" what are you talking about? - IDGAF about leechers, I even help them to mine or do some things if they are new. It doesn't hurt you in any way if they leech honestly, it sounds like it just bothers you the fact that they are gaining rewards while leeching and you just want to blame something to cope it.
  5. They both looks like a chibi version of the Orokin and Dax we arleady know
  6. If they follow what I think they are going to do, to enter Duviri it will be with our true form, not the current "void projection" we know today. Our true form is the adult tenno, trapped in the void among other tennos, they used Zariman remains to live on (our future new hub). Trapped in the void, they still age, slowly, but they definetelly age (another possible solution is we humans already age slower than today, this theory is based on Ostrons, Corpus, Solaris...). Our projection doesn't age because it's our mind projected with void. We don't know our true bodies yet. We already know
  7. As the title says, drop here your Duviri theory, no matter how crazy it may sound, no matter if you have to do a full essay to explain it. I want to see who is closer to the truth. I'll put this thread in my bookmarks and when Duviri drops I'll go full Nekros to bring it to life, maybe some of us already have all the answers to our questions! Feel free to use images, sketches, videos to explain your ideas, sounds... Whatever you want to use. I'm gonna drop my theory in the comments too, I want this thread to be based on OUR theories instead just mine.
  8. With the absence of Operator items with Deimos, this theory gained more weight, at least for me. I'm 100% sure that if we don't have exclusive Operator / Necramech missions before Duviri drops, it will be with Duviri itself. There's no real reason to have a Necramech if it wasn't because they can work when Warframes don't work at all.
  9. I would love it honestly, I just wish they add more SE to it instead more stuff. Why? Not because I want more SE, but to dilute the salt on the """""""endurance""""""" playerbase. Because endurance players doesn't care about rewards at all.
  10. I love them, they also are literally one of the most requested things since they added steel path "hey DE you can't make a special enemy unit to spawn regularly!?!?" "hey DE this isn't difficulty, thiese are the same enemies, what about something special!?!?" "hey DE I would love if acolytes were mroe often!!" "hey DE what about a stalker mode in steelpath were the stalker is mroe powerful!!" I wish we could have them from time to time in regular game also, like an universal juggernaut. Too many alarms? Acolyte. Too many killed enemies? Acolyte. Youtr screen it's too br
  11. Depending on what you want honestly, every amp part has a niche and you honestly can't make something too underwhelming unless you think just for eidolons. On eidolons X-7-7 is the current meta since it's the maximum dps,but the energy consumption makes it very uncomfortable to use on regular missions (at least for me). For prism it can be Raplak (my option for madurai) or Klamora (my option for every other school). so raplak-propa-certus or raplak-propa-certus for Eidolons, everything you like for regualr missions. My current setup for regular missions is lega-dissic-certus.
  12. Yeah, now that is something you can freely complain because at that time we didn't have any info besides it would reacch 40. Personally I don't care, but I also understand your point and you are right, MR shouldn't be in 40 but just in 30, 40 only for the most hardcore builds and that's it, everyone happy
  13. I love when people "discover" stuff that has been announced multiple times:
  14. They won't stop spawning in your endless endurance runsof 6 hours, you can still do them if you like them while also farming SE! Good luck!
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