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  1. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2630049503
  2. echoes? really? I would be so happy, I really like umbra but I would use so many frames if I could comfortably sue them as operator...
  3. I doin't need more frames, I need a way to make them sentients like umbra
  4. If you saw Tennocon then it's nothing new besides some concept for some places that are shwon in the "trailer" for new war (not the gameplay trailer)
  5. If you need to "convince" someone about how good you are, chances are you aren't a good person at all
  6. because it's kinda hard filter profanities from all over the world for an english speaker developer
  7. 15 secs app, but you can deny the cooldowns entering to umbra and getting out, since everytime you do that you generate a new isntance for that "specter", with powers like molt is more noticiable and you could, eventually fill a room with umbra's molt clones if you do transference repeteadly fast enough (i've done it for testing) I have a (very abandoned) thread with interactions of Umbra AI mode with Helminth, it may be of your interest (I need to update it): Regeneerative molt doesn't work on compamnions with health link when AI does, but if you use it, exit and keep playign as operaotr it'll work for the duration you have regardless, so it's also a cool way to keep companions alive.
  8. FOrgot to mention that I've also use Regenerative Molt augment. WOrks fantastic, Umbra can keep his health up very easily that way, uplifting my combat opeartor gameplay since Umbra is not a liabillity anymore
  9. is not that slow tho. A Luea Lens makes you reach the cap in a few ESO zones plus the tridolon cap isn't that hard at it sounds. 2 tricaps per night (something that a level 30 player should know how to do, since it doesn't require any special strat or rush) it's enough and in a couple of months you'll be ready.
  10. Nothing official reagrding that, check the official megathread for more info:
  11. You can't understand the ammounts of regret I've got in my body after searching that. My life was better without knowing "that" existed
  12. I think this is the best tho, no one really liked Nora stories due how disruptive they were for regular gameplay and I would go even a step further, removing the "cooldown" between intermissions and just changing the reward pool sometimes and also making an universal otken system for nora that doesn't expire when intermissions ends. Everyone wins with this, players keep their progression, DE doesn't need to make stuff exclusive for NW and writters focus on making quests and lore.
  13. Never used Lavos for Railjack and NW it's 100% better than the old alert system. While NW can be improved, it's a more fair system that doens't force people to constantly look out for alerts to have basic stuff like potatos and nitain. If you like to rush everything, it's on you, I play what I want n the game and I don't care at all at my NW rank, since I don't need most of the stuff there.
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