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  1. The reading comprehension skills on most users commenting here are laughable. It's kinda obvious that DE is going to do something with this (not sure about nyx, probably they'll doo it too), that was the whole point on giving a new DR system for Liches and Sisters. That doesn't mean that OP or me are asking for nerfs (or upset by the existence of the mechanics that surpass the new DR), but actually making a point for future updates. I'll say it again, everytime that kind of people reads the word "nerf" their vision turns red and they are completely incapable of reading properly and feel a compulsory need to say "NO NERFS!!! JUST BUFFS!" or "WHY YOU ARE UPSET BY THIS?!?!? YOU ARE JEALOUS!?!?!?" and stuff like that.
  2. Nope, no fancy moveset, only run (tied to stamina), walking, crouching, roll dodge (tied to stamina) and a short sliding when you run and crouch. You also can customize your char between 2 sex and wear the clothes you want, but as I've said, clothes are tied to set effects and stats, sometimes it's better to havea full set (like me in the picture) but pros/vets uses a ton of combinations, since you also have 3 slots for accesories (1 for a neck accesory and 2 rings), which can boost your stats or give you cool effects like continue heal regen. Multiplayer is P2P like warframe, even more unstable than warframe but still enjoyable. Has "crossplay" between stores, so for example if you buy it on steam you can play with someone with an epic games account. You have a "mod" system wich functions like arcanes with multiple effects, 1 per ranged weapon and some special weapons has their own mods that you cannot take off. Some mods grants you invulnerability, others heals you, others are focused on dmg... Has a lot of options and replayability overall. It's similar to old warframe: less enemies, sometimes you are surrounded by them, you can basically ignore them, deal with them tactically or rush killing everything, but without cool parkour and space setting.
  3. AH that too, I should've added that I wanted to remark the funniest thing in that comment. Good thing we aren't in a professional, scientifick work (like dissertation), but in a public forum for a game.
  4. try contacting support: https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  5. The only thing I edited was deleting the things I wasn't interested on laughing on. I'm in level 13 on Helminth right now and I didn't even did all the invigorations I had available and I had every frame subsumed except Yraeli prior that update, wich contributed to last week exp. Invigorations gives more exp that subsuming a frame tho. Remember to hold on finishing the invigorations, because devs are going to add more stuff, so keep waiting! /s
  6. So I've seeing a sudden spike of people being vocal about wanting a mroe tacticla approach to warframe, probably based on the tennocon gameplay teaser for The New War. Warframe will never go back to the old days, even if we play grounded on SOLO the game is going towards to quick gameplay for a lot of reasons (looks cool, it's efficient, etc). So, I've been looking for a game that satifies that need of fantasy, power fantasy, cool weapons, cool aesthetics and a mroe tactical approach with multiplayers and solo options. I've tried again after a few years Remnant from the Ashes and this game it's amazing. This game has polished the whole "souls like" concept, has a lot of replayability, it's kinda cheap considering so much content on it. The grind is amazingly done, coop is great, fully playable n solo, RNG doesn't force you to start all over your campaing progression since you can choose to do a single adventure and roll them to find what you need (or waht you are missing). End game is flawless, boss mechanics are great, enemy variety is good, character design is also good and also you have a ton of customization options,maybe the only downside is having armors tied to stats and passives so you can't have the look you want and also the build you want. Builds are very diverse, tons of weapons with multiple mehanics and sinergies... It's literally like a souls-like warframe imho. YOu cna't move that good, doesn't have the level of deatial for animations, but the game it's beautiful on its own merits. I recommend it to everyone looking for something mroe challenging and also with replayability, and also being similar to warframe. Pic related, it's the Void Armor on remnant (I #*!%ing love this armor)
  7. That's because people thinks you only do ESO to powerfarm focus with Saryn or Equinox or some other fast nuker, but truth is that if you play regularly with something, putting a lens it's always something good because you passively earn a lot of focus by just playing the game. I finished all my focs trees with some Lua lenses on my AMP, used the Saryn ESO method to get the waybounds unlocked ASAP and then just passively because I can't stand playing as Saryn on ESO without falling asleep.
  8. I agreed with this until they released Deimos. Deimos drops so much mutagen samples that I did the whole farming alone in a few days (and pasively, because I wanted necramech stuff and arcanes) compared to the years of passive (and some days even active) farming of mutagen samples. Just play on Deimos daily and you'll reach the ammount needed.
  9. Maybe you aren't that active as me or some other people around here, but you are wrong. A lot of people do talked about this since Yareli's announcement (like the literal anouncement, when we didn't know about her abilities at all, just the "water theme").
  10. You are misunderstanding how schools works. Lenses are to gain focus towards a specific school, then you need to unlock nodes in that school so they can be active. You can put lenses on realy anything that you can use (every weapon, every frame, even AMPs). Also the Uniaru passive gives like 50 of base armor and you can reflect some of the damage taken with that node. It's a school more focused in Operator combat, not warframe assiting.
  11. Maybe my english isn't that good yet, but I thought years was plural, so, my bad. In any case, at least OP knows that a few months will pass until it's added, I put my bets on the next Plague Sar along with the grineer chainsaw.
  12. Athodai was made available through Tennocon, August 2020, added to Railjack in March 2021. Why people insist that "YEARS" passed between the twitch drop and then added as a drop in game? Not only you tho, but in various threads a lot of people said the same thing, wich baffles me honestly. ---- The only thing you really missed was Loki Prime (or both free slot for warframe and weapon), I'm 100% the cosmetics will be added to the game later and so will be the grineer gunblade. Just be patient.
  13. Eh probably it's because DE worked on UT 2004 and Epic Games was the lead developer for the project? The most obvious explanation is that Epic has the rights for the digital art for unreal torunament, so it does make sense that are launcher exclusive. Steam has a lot of launcher exclusive stuff (including tennogen in PC), so I honestly don't get this comment at all.
  14. Then it's a bug and should be reported. I honestly don't use Void Chrysalis and Void Shadow, since those nodes drain too much energy for the job they do and I can't go back from maxed state. Yeah, that's why I'm bringing up Magus Cloud, I was going to test but I don't even remember how many dash I can do until depletion, since I've use that arcane since the rework. It's like tryng to remember how many dahes I needed for certain tilesets without naramon/zenurik nodes, without disabling them...
  15. The thing that chanegs was the UI related to Void Energy tho, so maybe it's an UI change? Because I didn't notice any change, but I use Magus Cloud so maybe I didn't feel any change because I'm always full of energy if some enemy is nearby.
  16. I use operator always, literally, and I don't seen any chanegs in void dash cost or energy regen (using zenurik, unairu and vazarin mainly). The "Void Chrysalis nerf" it's just showing that you take 20% of damage, probably related to the global chanegs on DMG reduction, wich no longer reduces damage for that value but isntead it's the damage you will recieve, so it doesn't stack like before with other DMG reduction mods, arcanes or abilities. This post explain it better: So instead "80% Damage reduction" shown on UI, it's currently showing "You'll take 20% of incoming damage"
  17. I focus more on survability with Frost, since it benefits for the bubble and also to deal with things outside it, never cared about full armor stripping or good range for CC. Too much range and the buble gets too large for my taste, to muchstrenght and Frost doesn't survive that well unless you use the augment for protection from his 4. Umbral Frost was my choice and worked good for extreme situations, but all my roster of old frames sufers the same fate, being extremelly good in certain situations while newer frames are useful in more varied gameplay, like Gara for example.
  18. when everything is lost, frost is the only one that can save the day. When I did steel patha lone I had a hell of a mobile defense in Lua, frost was the only one that could defend the console and also dealing with the scripted sentient attack, I #*!%ing love how good it scales and how sturdy and reliable it is. For me is THE frame I took if I really need to defend something. One could argue that limbo does a better job but it's too disruptive for my taste and too squishy, so against high level corpus it's Frost the one that shines for me.
  19. nah, I wish they'd never sown that gameplay, this flood on threads asking for game modes or new grineer/corpus chars are even more annoying than the "when crossplay" ones
  20. How do I know what is "fun" for you? Look in the market for descriptions, looks and stats, then jump into youtube to see if the weapon looks, sounds, behaves and perform according to your expectations and tastes.
  21. You can't hype the "hype culture" from the player base, this is why fan service exist. I hope they stick to their plan, whatever it is and won't be influenced by this community reaction over the little portion of the gameplay shown.
  22. It should be a one time thing in the same way that we don't use the operator movement as in the Chimera Prologue, we don't carry the operator in the arms of the warframe like the second dream and I could be giving examples of unique gameplay mechanics tied directly to quest purposes.
  23. Use K-Drives in open worlds instead archwing, eventually you'll get it
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