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Assembled Weapons Re-assembly?


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Basically Kit-Guns, Zaws, etc. I figured should be designed to be able to re-assemble instead of crafting hundreds or thousands of different combinations. 

Basically like how you equip 3 weapons to your frame, how you equip a weapon to your robot companion, kind of like how adding a stance mod changes how the weapon is held and used. The actual blade or Barrel pieces are the ones that you equip followed by equipping a grip that determines how it is used, similar to stances. The extra part that determine stats would be similar to adding a mod. You have to fully select your assembled weapon before you can use it. Purchasing the parts allows more options to choose from. 

Guilding and such affect the blade/barrel piece while the rest remains as they are. A guided blade/barrel allows for the stats to be affected more by the other parts that originally affects the stats. The mods are added to the blade/barrel piece so reassembling doesn’t force you to re-mod your weapon unless you choose to due to a change in fighting style. 

The assembly or combination could be saved as the default to where equipping said weapon automatically equips the other parts. So if you already have a favorite combination, you won’t have to constantly reassemble your weapon every time you equip it.


I feel that would be more convenient for everybody and I doubt it would be too hard to implement considering all that we are able to do now. Just my opinion.

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