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Railjack Dome/Big Gun weapon function switch 'sticking'


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Sometimes you jump on the gun and the previous person left it in turret mode so you hit whatever you've assigned 'weapon switch' to in the options and bingo it switches function (I think the default is N). All good.

However I see this causing problems because people just don't know this and think it's broken and even when you tell them to hit N/weapon switch whatever they still can't get it to work. I think this might be because weapon switch isn't really needed any more in 'ordinary' game play because gun switch already does everything so some people have given it a random/different value in options and can't remember what it is (the game forces you to pick something at least which is good). Sure they can go in options and look but the chances that another player knows all about this issue is slim. New player probably think the turret is the big gun!

Anyway simple fix is to make the dome gun function always be the default function whenever anyone jumps in, even if it was left in turret mode by the previous person.

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