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XBOX Hildryn Prime: Hotfix #7

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  • Fixed several of yesterday’s hotfix Riven Disposition changes not applying as intended/announced in the March 2023 Riven Dispositions post:
    • Afentis: 0.85 (from 0.8)
    • Afuris Prime: 0.7 (from 0.5)
    • Aegrit: 0.65 (from 0.6)
    • Tatsu Prime: 0.7 (from 0.65)
  • Fixed Hildryn Prime using the base version of her shoulder shields during Pillage casts.
  • Fixed the Prime Surator Syandana’s outer flames not applying selected energy colors.

For a list of known issues, visit the official Citrine’s Last Wish Known Issues thread.

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