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  1. Still a laughable month. In this moment nobody play Railjack on X1 due to the bugs (poor drops,freezes, stucks, Shedu dont works etc...) ,and Plague Star event. Next for gain time again maybe we have the Acolytes event?
  2. just a resource booster? I expected more for the amount of failure we are eating. Like you go alone and you get a liche of more than level 200 impossible to kill ... Yeah, you put us plague star meanwhile but the drone is still stucking, and the Hemocyte still bugged and dont open his last face.
  3. What about fix the Shedu? Dont works in missions, stop firing.
  4. I have a question what are the new archwing controls? Can't post a picture explaiining?
  5. Good is online the update. But... Servers kaput again, dont load the start screen 0%
  6. When you plan to update console arbitrations?
  7. Where are the new kavats? And the las Orb from Fortuna?
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