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  1. Soo... After update we have to re download the game again for the new space? Or the game will make an full auto reinstall and pass to occupies the mentioned 30GB? Explain us...
  2. One of the secrets is.... Nezha Prime And no dices the game crashes on Orb and Cambio. I lsugh hard when you finish Profit Taker, the game crash returning to Dashboard and lose all. More bugs reported. One day/month fixed? Archgun not spawn many times. Appearance in vehicles broken. Xaku still broken for us. Necramechs mods. And more....
  3. Ah yes... When Mesa Prime was released n the Devstream you tell us we can get her alternative helmet on another way for all. Well, still waiting.
  4. About time for new Prime Vault. Compensación for the wait?
  5. The drop rate for Necramech mods still being a joke, very vety low... And the update on PC still being low. 10% from mech and 2% for the mod? Some developer try vaults? ISO vaults still being bugged. I still havent force close of the game aleatory (before the last updates i dont have that, and yes i reinstall the game, clear cache, etc). Still missing options on Arsenal vehicles, no customize as before... Bye fashion... By the way: Where isvthe New Prime Vault? Actual stay longer than 3 montes, isnt?
  6. Consoles receive too that patches? 67GB on Xbox occupies my Warframe.
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