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  1. Clear your Xbox One cache. See in Xbox Support. Steps: Press and hold the power button on the front of the console until the Xbox One completely shuts down Once the indicator lights on the front of the Xbox are off, disconnect the power plug from de AC. Wait at least 30 seconds Plug the power plug back into your Xbox One and turn it on from power button (not from controller).
  2. We have MOAs... Can we have Hyenas or Zanukas as partners? Or space hawks? A tutorial of Archwing Andrés historia manuevers? How i do a barrell roll on XB1? We need on consolé.
  3. Yes the 2 new are females frames. The muscle is Hildryn. A shield base frame, don't use .energy. The other female is Wisp
  4. The girl is Wisp The boy im not sure, Heldron/Hidron. ..
  5. Weeey much fixes. New adv. Great update. Next Fortuna
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