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NSW The Seven Crimes of Kullervo: Hotfix #4

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NSW The Seven Crimes of Kullervo: Hotfix #4

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  • Added caches to the Enigma room at Kullervo’s Hold after successfully completing it.
  • Resources collected from SPROUT in Teshin’s Cave are now affected by Resource Boosters.
  • Updated the objective text for Hidden Chests located inside caves to indicate such.


  • Fixed Defense waves resetting after Host migration in the Undercroft.
  • Fixed Kullervo’s Recompense being able to put him in bleed out if Ability Strength is high.
    • Other Warframes with a Health cost mechanic, such as Garuda and Inaros, prevent their self-damage from going beyond 2 Health. Kullervo’s Recompense now also has this preventative measure.
  • Fixed extremely high damage numbers caused by the Fortifying Will Decree interacting with Armor buffing abilities (e.g. Rhino’s Iron Skin and Chroma’s Elemental Ward/Vex Armor).
    • Fortifying Will grants 15% (at max) Ability Strength for every 50 Armor, which was creating an endless feedback loop with Armor buffing abilities and causing extreme numbers to be reached (at times reaching the billions). In order to fix the above and prevent any further issues, Fortifying Will now has a 500% Ability Strength cap. We want players to continue to enjoy the power that Decrees grant without exceeding levels that are game breaking. With the change above, we have also fixed the following issues:
      • Fixed the aforementioned abilities not working at all after several casts.
      • Fixed infinite and permanent armor stacking gained from casting Rhino’s Charge back to back with the Ironclad Charge Augment Mod equipped.
  • Fixed always getting the same Arcane (and possibly the same resource) from all available side objective Undercroft Portals in The Duviri Experience.
  • Fixed Last Gasp UI and VFX lingering for Clients after getting teleported out of the Undercroft.
    • Also fixed instant death upon using Transference Surge once returned to the Duviri Landscape.
  • Fixed being stuck as Warframe in Duviri if teleported from the Undercroft lobby to the Kullervo fight in The Duviri Experience.
    • To address the above and prevent any further issues, the Kullervo fight cannot be started until after all players have returned from the Undercroft. A warning message will appear to inform players if that is the case.
  • Fixed unranked Arcane Power Ramp giving 100x more Ability Strength as intended (+2%, stacking up to 4x).  
  • Fixed Dragon Keys not unequipping from loadout and affecting gameplay in The New War Quest.
  • More fixes towards FOV randomly resetting after certain Duviri objectives.
  • Fixed Clients losing Sirocco after returning to the Duviri Landscape after defeating the Orowyrm.
  • Fixed mirrored Operator in Ghost Mirror side objectives spawning in unreachable places if the encounter began while flying above it.
  • Fixed Drifter Melee weapon being invisible upon returning to the Duviri landscape from the Undercroft if an automatic weapon was being fired at the time the player was teleported.
  • Fixed the Config screen in Teshin’s Cave only showing the weapon/Warframe’s base stats (not appearing affected by Mods).
  • Fixed installing Forma reverting previously modified Configs. For example: Changes to Config A would revert after adjusting Config B and then installing a Forma.
  • Fixed the Bo, Strun, and Vasto (base and variants) Incarnon’s Evolution IV challenge description not stating that it requires “slide attacks” to complete.
    • Was: Kill X enemies with this weapon.
    • Now: Kill X enemies with slide attacks.
  • Fixed several elements of the Enigma at Kullervo’s Hold not functioning (i.e. Glyphs missing from totem), making it impossible to complete.
  • Fixed the Felarx Incarnon’s Evolution V challenge description appearing as a file path.
  • Fixes towards Drifter’s Guiding Hand ability not guiding anywhere if cast while airborne.
  • Fixed loss of function from changing tabs in the Crew Contracts screen of the Configure Railjack console.
  • Fixed blinding VFX occurring when dual wielding the Furis Incarnon with a Glaive weapon.
  • Fixed issue where Decree SFX could get cut abruptly.  
  • Fixed certain elements of the Enigma located in Kullervo’s Hold not working.
  • Fixed permanent black screen caused by spawning Kaithe immediately after interacting with the Find the Paragrimm’s Tomes side objective in Duviri.
  • Fixed Undercroft Portal VFX causing them to appear active during the Orowyrm fight when they were indeed not.
  • Fixed the context action to interact with Kullervo’s bulletins appearing while riding Kaithe.
    • Since it cannot be interacted with from Kaithe, it won’t appear until after you dismount.
  • Fixed Corpus Coildrives in the Orb Vallis not moving until players get close.
  • Fixed the Nikana Krtrima Skin's tooltip in the in-game Market's Featured tab stating that you do not own Nikanas even when you do.
  • More fixes towards offset issues with the Drifter Saita Prime Suit.
  • More fixes towards armor offset issues with the Drifter Harrier Suit (notably the Protovyre Shoulder Armor, TennoCon 2019 Shoulder Plates, and Sorex Shoulder Guards).
  • Fixes towards the portal in Teshin’s Cave at times not appearing.
  • Fixed security camera VFX not being culled through walls.
  • Fixed a crash related to processing in the Undercroft.
  • Fixed a crash caused by Host migration during the Kullervo Fight.
  • Fixed the in-game Market “Show All” label for Premium Bundles on the Featured page indicating there were more Bundles than what is actually available.
  • Fixed rare crash that could occur when the Ghoul Devourer uses its abilities.
  • Fixed several script errors in the Ghost Mirror side objective in Duviri.
  • Fixed a script error in the first stage of The Duviri Paradox Quest.
  • Fixed a script error caused by Khora’s Venari.
  • Fixed a script error caused by Kullervo’s Recompense.
  • Fixed a script error in the UI.
  • Fixed a script error caused by attempting to join a mission and losing internet connection at the same time.


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