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Zariman Fissures either empty or broken matchmaking

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I have never one seen a single other player in any of the new zariman void fissures. If you wait in matchmaking, no one ever appears, and if you load in no one joins your mission. Either no one is doing the fissures or the matchmaking is entirely broken for these fissures. They can currently only be played solo or with a premade. They are also the least likely to be premade (since they are not good for targeted cracking, the big thing people premake for in terms of fissures), so right now basically they are only solo. Just as a reference, I was sitting in matchmaking waiting for another player for a void flood fissure for the time it took to type this post, and no one is there as I submit.

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Unironically, I think those game modes are too much for the general playerbase because of how extremely active it requires of players and it also doesn't help that both modes want you to accomplish the goal fast enough which is anti-synergy with the concept of fissures where you slow down enough for everyone to get reactant.

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