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Community Stream Schedule: April 8 - 14, 2024


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Tune into twitch.tv/warframe on Thursday, April 11th for Prime Time #388! As always, the action begins at 6 p.m. ET and you can earn Twitch Drops by watching. 

Our Spanish-speaking Tenno can also catch Emisión Tenno on April 10th at 3 p.m. ET over at twitch.tv/warframeinternational!

This week, our official community streams will be participating in our directory-wide 11 Year Anniversary Campaign:


Drop Duration: Starting April 8th at 11 am ET until April 15th at 10:59am ET

Drop Acquistion: Each Drop has a cumulative watch time — earning progress for one Drop means you earn progress for them all!

Campaign Rewards:

  • Drop One - 3 x Voidplume Pinions
    • Claim time: 1 Hour
  • Drop Two - Community Cavalero Graffiti Glyph
    • Claim time: 2 Hours
  • Drop Three - Archon Shard Grab Bag (Azure, Crimson, Amber)
    • Claim time: 3 Hours

This also means no Weekend Community Drops until the campaign concludes in mid-April! We'll update you when they return as of the week of April 15.


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This is a little silly but I purchased the community glyphs in the market because I always grab all the "new things" without realizing they were all included in drops these past few weeks. I'm not sure if I can submit for a refund for the plat spent but I feel a little cheated honestly... I love the drops I just wish the market ones hadn't been released until after the campaign was over. That way people who tuned in would get an extra early reward and anyone that wasn't able to grab the drops would still be able to purchase the glyphs with plat. 

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I understand it might seem like favoritism, or any type of 'ism' but I would be kinda nice for player/fans who no longer care about "Drops" to know who is streaming on Thursday.

Anyway, Danielle and Helen are pure joy to most who watch them stream together. I Enjoy everyone who stream's for the DE Community but I DO have my favorites. Anytime Megan Streams is super cool, its still a fun stream but Megan brings a level of "focus on what is new" and Megan still breaks character and shows her true friendly self plus it seems when Megan some players spam repor to Megan to get noticed quicker than threw QA.

I commented something like this on YouTube.

If I knew it was Danielle and Helen were paired up again last night I would have made time in my already busy day grocery shopping for my family and taking care of my mom... I'd found time to watch Prime time. Those 2 ladies together are so much fun to watch on Twitch. They may not accomplish as much as they plan to in game but gosh darn it's fun watching them have fun failing while laughing with the audience. Helen and Danielle Streaming together is the pure fun and joy that I feel should represent this game at least interms of fun.

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