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Something Is Lacking A Lot With Melee 2.0 : Should De Add Vertical Attacks? Poll Included


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We also need a thrust attack, or leap that locks in on the enemy in our crosshair, I hate losing my combo just because an enemy strolls away -_- also I want to actually deflect bullets back at enemies, and I want new animations for dash attacks, I shouldn't spin with a katana when I dash attack, instead I should make like a short teleport ahead and everyone I pass through gets cut with multiple slices, OH AND maybe give us some AoE attacks on melees, or at least we need 1 new stance for each weapon that is mostly based on AoE (CC AoE even better), AND while you're at it I also want to not die in 1 second if I go anywhere near 5 lvl 30 grineer to try and hit one.


^ Make all that and no one will ever want to use a ranged weapon ever again.

All my yes X)

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