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Nightmare Mode : Bosses!


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Originally inspired by this thread : https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/215810-how-should-we-change-warframes-difficulty-if-at-all/#entry2510134

One of my favourite things about this game are the characters : the Bossfights. Sadly, these bossfights are mostly balanced around the level of the planet they are thrown on, so most of us older players steamroll them and don't get to enjoy much of the fight.

Wouldn't it be nice if Nightmare mode gave all bosses a new, unique set of abilities, attacks and stats that are balanced for Endgame instead? Sort of like dungeon raids in games, where the team needs to be at their best to take down the boss. This would give players a chance to experience the bossfight at the characters most glorious moment, making them even more memorable. (Alad V getting hyped up so much, just to be 4 Tenno bullies beating up and old man and his dog was a huge boner-kill).

These bosses would, if possible, have no levels tagged to them (Have a Skull-icon replace their usual Level range), and give unique rewards/drops that the regular version does not offer. (No ideas come to mind yet, as a lot of the current drops would be nothing but more RNG). Something that rewards players for utilizing skill and teamwork to take down the boss instead of using Max DPS, M-Prime spam, Rhino Stomp slow etc. These bosses will be tailored to counter players and provide tough decisions for players to make, but with obvious weaknesses that take timing and coordination to exploit.

Example :

For this example, I'll use Captain Vor, the lowest level Boss in the game.

New abilities :

Blitz Volley :

Captain Vor smirks, then instead of his usual double-tesla throw, he starts throwing out mines one by one rapidly, up to 10 at once, depending on how far into the bossfight you are. He can also switch targets while performing the Volley.

A blitz mine by default does no damage, a tether by a blitz mine only slightly slows your Warframe. This slow stacks depending on how many tethers are on a single player at once. However, when 4 or more tethers are targeting the same players, those 4 mines will explode. When all 4 players are tethered by any mines, those particular mines will explode.

Captain Vor, depending on when he see fit, can manually detonate all of the mines. He can only do so when he stops performing "Blitz Volley". When he chooses to do so, he will let loose an evil laugh with an animation that lasts for 3 seconds, before detonating all active Blitz mines. Of course, these mines deal very high damage, and fragile frames would go down if caught in the AoE.

Corrupted Barrier :

At any given time, or when an ultimate (Skill 4) is performed by one or more Players, he will attempt to activate this skill (As seen in "The Call" trailer). He will be negate any form of damage and all debuffs will be removed from him once he is in this barrier. Captain Vor will regenerate shields gradually in this barrier.

This barrier has it's own health bar. This health bar starts at 50% instead of 100%, and regenerates at a fast rate. This health bar only receives damage from weapons and Melee. And abilities cast will heal this health bar instead.

If the health bar reaches 100%, Captain Vor will emerge with a golden sheen and a golden, glowing eye, hereby called the "Corrupted Buff". During this period, all of Captain Vor's abilities deal 1.5x damage, has extra shield regen and teleports more often. This buff lasts for 20 seconds. If the health bar reaches 0, the barrier breaks and Captain Vor is briefly staggered.

Other than these 2 completely unique abilities, Captain Vor also gains the following tweaks :
+High-level health

+High-level shields
+High-level shield regen
+High-level equipment (A slightly modded Cronus and Seer etc)

Nervos Mines now deal 100% electric procs, dealing high-damage to multiple Tenno if they stay in close proximity to each other.

When activating "Sphere Shield", instead of spawning the typical levelled Grineer Lancers, he spawns one Grineer Commander for each player and multiple Elite Lancer/Troopers/Scorches.

Just an idea on a potentially fun and really challenging bossfight, that will test the coordination, timing and wits of your team! Well-modded weapons will definitely help, but they won't help enough if you don't know what you're doing.

Thoughts/Ideas/suggestions/feedback? I would love to hear your own ideas/suggestions on potential boss re-hauls.

I've been thinking about an entire rehaul thread for the Stalker, but that would be for another time.

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