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Fix The Host Migration Already.


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i had enough of troll hosts leaving the game mid mission, i just had mobile defense, wich i got swirling tiger to drop, host leave, and guess what? HOST MIGRATION FAIL!


so props for fixing the host migration to keep the mods and stuff you picked befor the migration, but please, have it to tranfer use into solo or new public game if the system cant migrate, noone want to loose mods due to troll hosts.


the worse part is, you cant tell who is the host in game, so you cant even know who to report for this behaivior.

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It's not DE's fault, the servers are under DDOS attack.

Quit whining, you spoiled brat.


Uh, whining? What? BloodHungryKitten makes a valid point, and you call it whining? This community is even worse than I thought. Original poster is absolutely right - Warframe relies on Peer-to-peer, so this should be high priority on their list.

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