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  1. just thinking, shadows, invasion allies, specters and such, should probebly use the AI setting for nyx mind control targets, the issue i have is, any ranged eximus units normally stop moving if they sense combat, and if they have a team aura, then everyone wait in spot unless the eximus unit have a visual on a target, with nekros shadows, its a problem, since they refuse to follow or stay close if there is an eximus in the group. meanwhile, an eximus under nyx mind control (and other bipeds) try and stay close to nyx at all times, so just appling this bandaid option to nekros shadows and invasion allies can do wonders.
  2. but what is going to stop you from staying at low drain rate otherwise? i think its fine as is, you have access to invunrebility and life steal without doing the initial hysteria animation.
  3. can do a mini roller turret the grineer use.
  4. taking another 3 warframes with you that use the loadouts they have to replace players (with slightly reduced damage of course) (really need more options for solo mining and fishing other then wukong.....)
  5. why would you have a rumbler prime without a prime skin? it just seem logical to me, you also have a deluxe skin that change them.
  6. dog days event, its not useable outside the event, nakak useally sell some floofs and balls your pets play with, as well as the dog days island for captura.
  7. blood for the blood kitten! cotton balls for the cotton throne! (just a lame flip of chaos space marine line)
  8. they have to pack some changes early for consoles, byt the time the build was finalized and aprooved, they could have made additional changes, pc is the platform that will be up to date as well as a testing ground befor anything ship to consoles since the process take longer there.
  9. its an AI weapon, and you can toss it on a moa as well, what, were you expecting something more powerfull then a sweeper prime? cause that would be silly.
  10. i would like to have an option to buy it in the future from the store like other boosters, there is no real harm in it since players that do not have it will still benefit if someone with it is in thier squad.
  11. just skip to wisp prime, i'm sure good amount of this community want some prime assets.
  12. just a though, could it be possible to have the game make a check befor the boss spawn, if a player has already seen it or not? if one player in party has not seen it yet, make said cutscene unskipable? (also make sure the new players is atleast in the room befor a boss spawn)
  13. just make it an in store booster and add an alternate helmet to atlas prime, its not too late, i think mesa prime had an alternate helmet done in a matter of less then a week.
  14. so umbra is AFK farm while wukong with a very OP weapon and no melee is not AFK? i can use a weapon from fortuna without rivins and the clone killing things quickly.
  15. i dont even play arbitrations, but i think without a way to get back, being stuck in spectator mode and loosing everything you have earned due to inactivity is bad, if you dont want to revive people, just create your own team, with your own friends, and play how you want, insted of trying to force change on people that are fine with the system as it is.
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