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  1. i dont have a problem with nora's voice, i just wish i could turn her off in some instanced, like, IDK, i want to fish, but oh noes, some enemy get glassed and my sentinel or pet cannot kill it without hitting the weakspot. nightwave was a good idea, it's just, it's life cycle is shorter then how long it take for avrage players to reach rank 30, we should have been in an intermission already complaining how we completed the intermission and dont have anything to do.
  2. token system is okay so long it's not something like the failur of a son tokens wich are considrebly harder to get then everything else. all the resources other then tags (F tags and F the fact you need veraity of them for tokens) should have a chnce to drop from containers, and lower chance from enemies, that way, players can get most of what they need through normal gameplay, as for animals, it would be best to have a static "x tags for x tokens" as opposed to "x flappy bird and x mutated fox cat for x tokens"
  3. lich opticore, lower damage then vandal, higher AoE, full auto with higher rate of fire then vandal, ultimatly, same base damage per second as the regular opticor befor the bonus damage addition.
  4. i would love 2B with her light and heavy katanas, but that is unlikely :s at most, maybe pod sentinel? but that need a whole lot of premission and legal stuff.
  5. maybe related to the upcoming infested kitguns?
  6. just asking, i use bluestacks to play mobile games, so, was kinda planing to farm something on the mobile game i play while farming in warframe. not sure if bluestacks have some behind the scenes things i am not aware of.
  7. i want a kuva weapon, but i dont want to pay someone to dump the lich on me and go through the grind to kill it, honestly, i rather give spare kuva weapons and spare ephemera to people just so they wont need to deal with the lich system, they could even have the same treatment as lich wich would have a traded flag so it can't be resold.
  8. to even see tennogen on PC you need a linked steam account and launch the game via steam, there is a contract that they cannot sell tennogen for platinum since they use the steam workshop as submission area, consoles, do not have a simular third party app for this and console tennogen are only brought after they had to reach and agreement with the artist if they even willing to sell it there. tennogen, and console/pc exclusive items should not be transferable between platform.
  9. RNG can i has more control modules/nurode/morphics/noural sensors/ PLASTIDS!!!!!!?
  10. personally i reset, since i wanted the challange again, also wanted to have a loki without bothering grinding for it. must admit, it got boring having all the good mods and guns, now, i actually have a reason to do every single ? alert
  11. launcher need to be updated that insted of big latter WARFRAME, it say BETA!!! IF YOU FAIL TO READ THIS YOUR A GRINEER.. *tiny letter under it* if you expect a beta to be bugs free then your a dummy.
  12. my personal expiriance, helmet from xini, anywhere between 5-20, systems from gaia defense on earth, both of them randomly at any of the venus defense missions, chassis, just spam M prime untill you get it, can also be obtained from spy and capture. as far as i know, systems and helmet limited to defense missions but i could be wrong
  13. hmm, been alot of them the past few days, i think...... i might just take 1....... and make fries out of it. of course after i'll say it there will be almost no potatoes in the next few weeks and meny cool new stuff you want to put a potato in (hopefully cool new stuff)
  14. fraps is the most simple recording program for games, but also the most resource demanding, make sure you have alot of disk space and an editing program as raw videos can be stupid big, best example i can give, i recorder an old game wich around 30-40 minutes video, the raw footage was 30+GB in raw format, simple editing program like windows movie maker cut it down to less then 800MB without hurting the quality. anyway, i reccemand fraps, however please download the demo of it first, can only record 30 seconds, but it is a good way to know if your computer can handle recording.
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