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  1. since there isent tags for it on players asking players... as of late, the drops are a popup in chat that stay there for a few seconds for you to claim, my question is, should you miss that popup notification, how would you claim it later? and is it possible if you earn it but stream already ended?
  2. some attacks do effect operator, i recall umbra's exalted weapon durning the quest, stalker or the alcolyte might have an attack with the same properties.
  3. i sometime notice my pilot taking longer then i expect to destroy the reactor, or sometime he dosent hit it even after about a minute, and when i got out, i notice that he shoot the photor through the reactor.... idk if there is some weird hitbox effecting it but probebly want to take a look at it.
  4. i either solo or drag a friend to help if the lich is level 5, as for rivins, i don't even bother with them.
  5. i feel like crew need to have more armor, on high levels they die almost instantly even if, for example, you have 1 engineer and 1 defender, the engineer will ignore enemies when trying to fix something, and the defender cannot really take out enemies fast enough. considering the very low shields, the crew at the very least need a built in adaptation, they would still die at high levels, but it will take a few seconds longer, wich could mean they would have a fighting chance.
  6. crossplay could work between pc/xbox/switch, other then that? sony wants compensations from the publishers every month with crossplay, so unless there is a crossplay the loave sony out of it, or non at all, unless you can get enough playstation users to yell hard enough at sony to allow it.
  7. take the lich stick out its butt and allow it to do tasks other then defending.
  8. none cause it dosent fit on Achtung – Panzer!
  9. viral slash city on star chart. sortie, steel path, and daimos corrosive and others depending on the faction.
  10. i never do "open worlds" unless i myself am the host, at the very least i do not quit, and if someone want to leave, they have better chance alone then hope host migration works.
  11. *shrugs* we already have censoreship due to the game being available in some countrise, you cannot say anything about not being stright in region chat as example, and DE cannot explicitly create a non stright character or said regions will want it censored in some form, the global market is very diffrent in terms of what you can, and cannot do. but enough of it, you baited me to topic derailment and i fell for it. mods, please delete the last few comments.
  12. i have the common sense to seperate reality from fiction atleast, just pointing out since this game is available in the global market, on consoles as well, and sony being noterios for its censoreships that even xbox and switch dont do it, there will be higher regulations as opposed to some anime book.
  13. just pointing out the diffrance between the 2, besides, culture is diffrent everywhere, what some countries maybe fine it, others will not, with anime, japan in itself is not too strict, but dare to actually commit acts in real life? then you are going to jail. also as a remind age of consent is not the same globally but for gaming companies that make games globally as opposed to, anime or VNs that are only made domesticly and never see translation or locolazation, they have to follow the globolized rules. as example, phantasy star online 2 was altered and censored, removing bath sce
  14. again, the issue is, its a 3d kid, otherwise, i dont care when its 2d anime.
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