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  1. i find it too easy to mod for max range and just nuke enemies as they spawn across the whole map, the only simple selution would be, to add line of sight to those frames that can nuke through walls. sure, you get the lazy people that will only stop cheesing to complain they cant avoid playing properly, but in the longrun, it would be for the best. sure, you'll get octavia with 1-2 spam, but atleast it dosent go through walls.
  2. warframe players can be summed as tsundere, they say they hate it, but they really dont, and when its gone they start to be honest and want it back. not that i know personally or anything, just putting it as a joke.
  3. honestly, i just miss the random invasions, sure, we now have a system for it, but i remember back then you could do a mission vs grineer, and there is a chance either corpus or infested could start to spawn exclusivly after some time.
  4. i think its good to have frames have thier own special thing about them, putting the same running animation on everyone will make it less special.
  5. compared to corpus, grineer have alot more veriants, including earth and desert, normal grineer, kuva grineer, and corrupted grineer if you count them, also underwater grineer in uranus, but we dont have a tileset that is owned by the nightwatch grineer veriant. im aware we currently needt atleast 2 more corpus sub factions to balance things a bit, but having unused characters that are reletivly thougher (i recall the event with them they had armor between grineer on plains and normal grineer) it seem like a waste to not have them in the normal starchart. also, i would love if the nightwatch lancer can have the nuker secondary weapon mixed up for use in close range, please consider it for next year, also, they need a heavy gunner veriant as the heavy gunner model is a bombard for thier sub faction, as well as sniper.
  6. i kinda miss the old invasion system, where you can get more then 4 AI at the same time, sure, some rooms might allow it like the transition points between grineer and corpus ships, or grineer drop pod that sapwn a lacner at equivlent level to the enemy/corpus warp in with dera, but i remember back at the time, you would had atleast 1 or 2 friendlies spawning with a group of enemies. on a side note, corpus could use a mix of dera users as well as flux users with thier crewman, not all elite crewman should be limited to short range weapons, same with high level grineers being limited to thier burst weapons, it wouldent hurt to throw grakata users, not including the ones that can spawn from drop pods in invasions.
  7. he had enough of people complaining about his scarf so he left. that aside, i dont have this issue personally, i can equip and unequip him in the arsenal, however he and his weapon are not in the invetory themself, probebly due to the fact they cannot be sold, you should sent a support ticket. i even deleted the loadout with him, exited the arsenal, and re-entered the arsenal, he still show up and available to use, its probebly a user spesific issue that need support or a hotfix.
  8. seems like the moa dosent have team experience, you need to let it get the kills if you want to level it up. think its fixed on pc and the other consoles?
  9. would be up for it, i mean, its power creep city, but i remember the frost specter in the first updates of index using twin heks, and an enemy is also using it in sedna arena, would want that twin weapon out wich is already in game, then move to arca plasmor. also, still want some of the weapons that still only available in chinaframe, the trinity specter on rails using one of the melee weapons for example.
  10. will save it untill i have 30 or so, health and armor are okay, but i wont use both of them just to get a bit more power, insted of health, i prefer health and shields from 1 mod, insted of use 3 mods slots due to being forced to use armor just to get the set benefit. might use it on melee weapons, but meh, need to think exactly what its worth.
  11. all assassins have a chance to spawn in the first 5 minutes, it can be in th first minute, and can be at 4:59, rushing is the issue, not the spawn mechanic.
  12. stop trying to force a meta on people and just play with your friends, problem solved. i'll do tridolon with randoms and whatever happens, happen, i play to forget about my real life issues, not to see tryhards leave if recruiting dosent go thier way.
  13. im actually having the same issue, i tryed forwarding ports in firewall and my router itself and its still say i have strict nat, not allowing my friends to join me, though i can join some of them if they are the host. it also limit my matchmaking options if it prevent players from joining me as host.
  14. exploiter orb was a perfect example on how to make all frames viable, you have to play smart and you cant rush it to an unreasonable amount of time, tridolon would need a damage cap so other frames will be as usefull, so for example, you wont be able to one shot the weakspots due to damage cap, but every frame with the same weapon build can use simular amount of shots, it would make chroma less mendatory and allow more diverse frame selection, basicly, disallow buff from warframe to apply to eidolon and maintain the damage it recive from only the weapon and its mods.
  15. just a though, he is melee based character, maybe it possible to remove its status immunity, but allow him to get rid of status effects using an attack that connects with someone? for example, you could apply slash procs, but if he hit you or another players (or nearby enemy if any are around) the status effect ends, but permenanat status effects like corrosive will still apply. i find him a bit too much in terms of effective HP and im pretty much forced to carry rubico prime with radiation as well as ivara so i wont have to deal with his attacks or the molotove spams from his teammates.
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