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  1. ember should be able to ignore half of the enemy defense, her accalernt should have the addition of the old overheat on top of it, giving damage resistance and dealing heat damage in melee range effected by streatch, since the original was fixed to hugging range if i recall? those 2 changes can go a long way in making her better at end game.
  2. BloodKitten

    Stances for Primary and Secondary Weapons..

    stances for weapons would be nice, its always weird that titnia cant remain floating while fireing and warframes all run and hold melee weapons the exact same way.
  3. BloodKitten

    Railjack should be PvP

    you have planty of other free games for pvp, the majority of the community here dos not play it, and content that is not played is not really worth investing time into. can always play SJWfield V if i want pvp, or CS:GO*F yourself if you actually payed for it* wich is free aperrently.
  4. BloodKitten

    Prisma ... when?

    prisma content, reduce the content draught by 80%
  5. BloodKitten

    Railjack should be PvP

    PEEvPEE can only work if you replace warframes with corpus or grineer, wich move slower and not bullet jump all over the place.
  6. this happen in the animation where she go and take a peek around a box, then head beack, her body is fine when she rest against crate/wall, its on the strata relay if it matters (the one from the community event)
  7. BloodKitten

    friendly eximus units issue. also venari.

    the issue is, well, here an example. elite lancer will follow player or nekros (shadow) and if there is combat nearby, will move untill he have line of fire and will start to attack, go to cover, use grenades and whatever. eximus with the exact same weapon, will hear gunfire, and will not move unless an enemy enter its field of vision, and will only slightly move without using cover or doing anything to actually try and look for the enemy. when you use nekros, and you have say an ice eximus with a ranged weapon, the other 6 guys are bunched near him in the room next to you and dont actually fight anything since mr eximus feel too lazy to move around.
  8. this issue not only apply to invasions, but also nekros ultimate, eximus units with ranged weapons dont seem too keen on actually advancing to enemy position, it go for all the veriants it seems. dos not apply to melee eximus units. khora's venari also seem to sometime completely fail to follow if ordered to heal her, wich often happen after sliding and doing things a kavat cant really do, resuting in having to target another friendly unit or switch mode to make it unstuck. those 2 things need to be looked at.
  9. BloodKitten

    PS4 to PC

    sure, let your users leave your platform, that is a smart idea..... they wont do so since they wan you to spend money on platinum through thier console, as well as prime access, your best bet is to start fresh on PC, but dont worry, at the very least you can get up to 75% discount on platinum from login system, so you wont have to spend nearly as much.
  10. BloodKitten

    Nyx rework 1.5 (More to Psychic themed)

    why should i care about a youtube user? i think my ideas are better. mind control start at +500% damage, the agument should improve the accurecy, shooting the target, on top of adding damage, add to it the puncture, impact, slash, and crit and status effect to its attacks, and rate of fire scaling every 100% you and team mates add. 2, bolts make the enemies completely blind or forced to use a random dance animation for duration. 3, AOE mind control without damage boost. 4, damage amplified and get equal amount of pncture, slash and impact, since if you have corpus using puncture, and grineer using impact, they are basicly using the damage type they are reletivly strong agaist, and it dosent scale well on higher levels. also stun enemies for a duration without a disarm, something like mesa weapon jam.
  11. BloodKitten

    Why "some" semi-auto exist

    you could setup a macro for rapid fire, that alone is okay, some dual pistols have nasty recoil in high rate of fire though.
  12. i made a new account to see how the new player expirience it after playing from update 7 originally, i do own a few tennogen skins, and was wondering if its possible to link my steam account to the second warframe account, and if it is even allowed.
  13. BloodKitten

    Moa emotion module?

    if you want them to be more emotive and respond when you wave to them, go ahead, i dont use it personally since they dont do anything while emoting, like, they spotting enemies they emote, they kill a few enemies? they emote, they used an ability? they emote, its just delay thier combat precepts in my opinion, i used to have it as a fix to secrurity ovverride getting them stuck, but it was fixed.
  14. *Masochist. Sadist punishing or teasing, masochitst love to receve it.
  15. BloodKitten

    How I make platinum (Guide)

    1. get credit card. 2. get prime access. 3. get platinum on 75% off. easier and faster, not to mention someone need to buy platinum for you to move around or trading for platinum would never be a thing.