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  1. tennocon 2020, time to show you super WIP things that likely wont make it untill the next tennocon.........
  2. i just use a zaw dagger with high crit chance and just melee them, i might get grabbed once or twice at level 5 befor downing them, but being able to rapidly hit them in short amount of time with crit weapons can eat the armor/health away, for better effect mesa with high crit and multishot + fire rate can work.
  3. misery is honestly a bit of a problem, it was more or less the end boss on a defense mission, i think at the end wave her would spawn and bring all the the others back using shadow of the dead, though it been so long ago that i cant remember the spesifics. i dont think he can work correctly outside the defense mission?
  4. cheer up big guy, even if you dont have someone, you will eventually, stay positive! (after the mission end so i wont kill you prefably)
  5. while i have no artistic skill, i would love if creators can do more then reskin of the body, of course, with restrictions like not gender bending the frame and that it more or less in line with the frame itself (i saw a really nice octavia concept that had the body mesh change and 2 other frames that are on deluxe level)
  6. well, you can raise the bonus with duplicates even if it's lower then what you have, so no more then what a weapon in the market would cost, probebly less since you have to spend time to kill the lich after trading.
  7. i think maybe going for magnetic, just to have 2 element combinations off the start, but wondering if more rediation/base damage is better, or have one of the other bonuses would be better.
  8. so, no idea how it happened, but it have both mercy icon, and it's UI name changed into a warframe, and ceaced responding.
  9. on reload, discard ammo left in the mag (unless its a shotgun or something that reload 1 sell at a time) might as well add a tiny and harmless level of realisem since this is how guns work.
  10. railjack was released in a bad state, there is no content worth getting back to, new frames are not enough content, skins are just skins, lack of cross save or cross play, and the game basicly reached the point where DE isent sure where they going with it. warframe is not the only 1 of its kind anymore, and DE isent that small of a company anymore, sure, frames take a while to make, but eventually, it's just another biped with diffrent abilities on the same game with the same content, railjack was pushed out just to meet the deadline, and too much time is being wasted for making some tennocon reveal, wich is going to be another mostly scripted on rails footage that dosent match the end product. also, most tutorials are either on update notes or wiki, it need to change. (people joke fashion frame is end game because sadly, it is true, since that is more intrensting then actually playing the game lately)
  11. you fight with a crappy prime weapon and a crappy prime frame in a cutscene where they magicly get better then they are in reality.
  12. so yea, i was in relay, had a frame with sentinel, switched loadouts why in the navigation menu, backed out of the menu, and mr moa that was the companion for the loadout i changed to hanged on my head insted of helios from my last loadout.
  13. at most its worth 200, i dont see anyone asking nearly as much on trade char, and most the kuva weapons i traded for people often ask below 100, 150 for a 59% bonus, ayanga is not usefull outside or archwing and railjack and other kuva weapons are just better.
  14. you could just us or make a diffrent helmet, unless the side cloth is the problem, in wich case, hope for a delux skin.
  15. will just say this, can you run crysis maxed settings on console? a 2007 game that had to remove a part from it's console release due to being too unstable and have reduced destruction on console version? yea... i like xbox cause of halo and PS cause of uncharted and the last of us, but they cant really handle things developers want to impliment that may requier better hardware then what is available. #crysisbeingamemepast2020
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