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  1. you just, turn off voice chat, i do it in all games (and some people whine that i don't listen to them), if i want to be in a voice chat it would be with friends or people i am planning to play with, not randoms, and i surely don't need to hear mic breathers that don't say a single word.
  2. its contract with console makers that stop them from making a cross save, they would loose money and player if there would be console to pc transfer. currently, my best guess at a possible middle ground is progression sync, meaning your starchart, non rivin mods, non exclusive mods, will be synched, but warframes and weapons will need to be farmed seperately per platform.
  3. all guns really need is condition overload (cedo have it already as built in mod) and multiplier like melee, and buff snipers combo counters to still make them viable.
  4. cross save must exampt platinum, as well as any non essential stuff that are bought like color pallets that are exclusive to a platform or console exclusive skins, as well as tennogen due to diffrent payment model. only things that should transfer are owned frames with exception of founder items, slots and potatos as well as forma, nightwave unlocks, your foundry items and mods with exception of rivins. everything else like skins, color pallets and the likes should be bought again on the diffrent platform, this is the only real option to avoid lawsuit from sony, microsoft and nintend
  5. the old melee felt like trying to make tekken combo, and if you have attack speed mods it made it near impossible to do combos you wanted, streamlining it is better and more accessable, just waiting for melee to recive the khora whip nerf because you can just spam E and beat 99% of the content without using the movement keys.
  6. tennogen on consoles is obtainable via platinum so i would guess you don't get the bundle with more platinum so you would buy more of it, meanwhile on PC you cannot obtain tennogen with platinum but DE and creators and steam get a cut. atleast that would be my guess, microsoft or sony might also have a hand in it and they just follow thier intructions.
  7. founder pack as april 1st alert, survival starting level 1000 and have a time requierment of 240 hours, on the chance someone might actually beat that, they would get grate prime decoration that have excal prime glyph on it.
  8. or, just have an app rapidliy click a button assgined to melee, simple stuff like this is fine since it dos not play the game without human input. personally i use razer since it come with keyboards and mouses.
  9. power pose from end of her trailer is needed as emote, and prime skin exclusive animation where she play music on her body strings, other then that, just octavia with a slight stat boost somewhere and energy gain from death orbs.
  10. 1, have that power pose at the end of her prime access as an actuall emote. 2. have her strings playable via special animation set for prime veriant (yes yes, play with yourself jokes and g-string jokes, whatever) i know it probebly should go in feedback, but wondering what others might think on that idea.
  11. do people really care about end of mission stats? the only time i care is if there is a clear leecher, otherwise, stats in non competetive games are a joke.
  12. i remember fortuna teasers had basicly the armored moas with side plates as companions, and seem to behave more like armored heavy moas as opposed to walking turret, likely was too slow to keep up with the player though i wish there was a defensive veriant with a shield like vault that would try to shield the player.
  13. news flash, free to play games offered useless cosmetics for real money for years, its not like its completely out of the norm for free to play games. hey, atleast its not a steam or epig only bundles for non tradeable currency. (though atleast with steam you could sale stuff from other free games for steam wallet funds i guess)
  14. just put conclave skins for steel essecnes so DE can just remove it from the game
  15. i rather they focus on delivering everything they promised to this point as opposed to making more promises that will likely take 2-3 years to even have a working, non crashing live build.
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