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Just coincidence, if such a thing were true it would have more likely occurred during the Nexon showndown simply due to law of numbers and the amount of people involved.

That doesn't mean its not a possibility, just that such a conclusion shouldn't be jumped to. Regardless of what we may like to think all our communities have such a black area though, it's certainly possible its a sour group of Smite players but the same can be said for us, Mabi/Nexon or any other community.

Personally however I think its an outsider who just picked us as a target due to the MMOBomb win increasing publicity.

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And why would the Smite crowd do something like this, when they could just be enjoying their game. It is not like the reward for winning was that particular good, aka more or less just a little reputation.


For all we know this attack isn't connected to SMITE in any way, shape or form.  It doesn't matter where it came from.


As for why they're probably doing it for the same reasons people bully other people at school or for the same reason someone does anything nasty to someone else.


It's just what people do, and unfortunately some people get a kick out of screwing up things that other people enjoy.    The best way to deal with people like this is just ignore them.  The sooner they grow bored of messing with us, the sooner they will move on.

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