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Harvester And G3 Marks...


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Got another question about them.


Why dont they come after me?


Previous mark it took almost a month (3 days left to next month) and hundreds of missions against the grineer.

I now am over 150 missions and still didn't encounter them.

What's that about am I extremly unlucky with them or what?



Sorry am talking about the G3.  :D

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I have had myself marked by G3, Stalker, Harvester for about two weeks now - yet to find any of them. And while i could not care less about the Stalker ( already got all BP from him ) and the Harvester BP is meh - i really want to kill G3 few times.


I even tryed to run squad of marked players ( well at least they claimed they are marked ) to try and force G3 to show up - and nothing ....

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That bit about not being marked until you receive a message is false.


I'd gotten one message way back when the G3 event started up and nothing else since.


I've gotten them to spawn multiple times running solo. 


Don't assume that because you haven't gotten the in game email that you are not marked.

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