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An Idea I Had With The Weapon Range Increesing Mod


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we know how the weapon range mod does not seem to do anything but wouldnt it be cool to have a visual effect on weapon like increesed blade size by heigth not wide with out like acctually breaking the texture like an "extension" on the melee weapons hitting edge for exsample lets say the grip part of nikana is 15cm and blade is 60cm and i add 10% increesed range on mele weapon my blades length would be 66cm instead of the normal 60 (all made up sizes keep in mind) or orthos prime the pole part is 75cm and the blades are 35cm and increesing it with the max of 60% increese it to 56cm share your thougths with me, i would like to see what you think about this idea :D.


*Hammers and morning star should scale on all sizes other vise its gona look stupid or just increese the pole the Hammer/morning star is on, i would prefer Prefer to increese the Hitting side of weapon but if the hammer parts gona be 60% scaled up xD omg just imagine Rhino basicly carrying a metal that is allmost sized of his torso on a stick..



Edit: added thougths about Blunt weapons*

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i agree it would be hard but think about with nikana + 60% range = Sephiroth mode activated

Oh my... That would be awesome... Imagine slashing through a horde of infested like a mad swordsman :o


I'm going to leave this here...

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