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Launcher Stuck At "checking For New Content"


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If you're running the 64 bit version try updating the 32 bit one, it might work and you'd be able to play. Thats kinda what support told me before but my downloads have been real slow lately too


I've BEEN trying to update the 32 bit version, but it just stays frozen.

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same problem, stuck at checking at new content. verified, uninstalled-installed, fresh wipe of warframe registry keys after uninstall, reinstalled. same problem...no answers. and yes log was updated...

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Same problem, I have tried:

- restart launcher

- restart steam

- downloaded non-steam launcher

- verified files (through launcher and steam)

- different days/times

- different locations in the UK

- 32 bit and 64 bit

- complete reintall of warframe


I am away from my computer for over a month starting tomorrow XD; I just wanted some space ninja action :P

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played the game 2 times after updating to a OS and fresh wf installation.

-restarted PC

=closed all background apps

Problem still present


Okay running as administrator has solved it for me. Looks like the issue might be related to windows pre-caching or something like that. If i just double click the icon I get stuck at "checking for new content". Everytime I right click and run as administrator it loads up ready to play within a few seconds,


edit: steps to solution (For win 7 64 bit only) [never mind for this problem re-occured]

Solution :

1. while the launcher is open click the spanner and untick 64 bit

2. Open task manager and "end task" warframe64.exe dont "end tree" just the 64.exe alone.

3. Click retry on the launcher. then after that close launcher (force closing if you have to) I gave it about a minute before i force closed.

4. run the launcher right clicking and selecting "run as administrator"

5. if it still says unable to check click the spanner again and click verify cache

6. hard to say on system but it took about 2 minutes of a cache verification till it progressed to next step

7. it will now check for updates and progressed after a few seconds.

8. click the spanner and switch back to 64bit


When i tried the 32bit solution without running as admin I got this message

Update failed!


Could not update file:



Access is denied. 0x00000005

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