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Tips For Pause Combo


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In regards to this thread, some player said they are having a problem executing Pause Combo.


So, here is some tips on how to easily execute them:


- Hold A (move to the left)

- Spam E (melee button)



Alternatively, you can either hold right or backward button, and spam melee button.



Try it out!

I think it is self-explanatory.






To do channeling attack without holding mouse button:


- Hold Left Mouse

- Open chat window (T)

- Release Left Mouse

- Close chat window (T)

- Murder




Have fun!


And if anyone mind sharing some tips on executing Hold Combo would be much appreciated.

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It took me a few tries to get the pause combo working, but it's pretty easy when the muscle memory sinks in..


The thing that I found out that makes this possible is the "pause" is very brief. Like, spamming E, hitting it really fast with maxed Fury, the pause is for a single one of those button mashes. Not so much a pause as just miss out a single button press.


Hints for the hold combos would be nice :)

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i haventreally tried this , not at home, but nice guide if this works

although ive mastered hold and pause combos by counting inside my mind lol


That's awesome.


Doing the first cycle of pause combo is easy, but not for the second cycle.


I always messed up on that.

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About toggling channel or blocking (yes it works with blocking too),


You can do the same by opening the menu:

-Hold left or right click (or both)

-Open menu (esc)

-Let go of triggers

-Close menu (esc)


I personally find this much quicker than chat menu.

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what is A or E ? I for one never use default controls in any game ever...


In default,


A - move to the left

E - melee



It is not necessary moving to the left, I find it easier when my ring finger is on A and my index finger hitting E.


In another word, you just have to hold either left, right or backward button, and spam melee button to execute pause combo.

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Thats an amazingly useful trick


The pauses make it feel sluggish and unneeded


I wish DE had a better way of doing combos than pausing so it felt more fluid :x

 combat would hawe more fluid if they didnt tried invent a good weel and just used good old light+heavy atack combos(sure they didnt wanted to feel like dmc, but we dont hawe aerial and skill combos like in these games). sure most games does it, but lets be honest, if animations and feedback is good, that melee combat is so dmn satisfying.

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the thing with the pause is that its different with every weapon. Where as its noticeable with glaive, its not so noticeable with crimson dervish, and you can find yourself missing it sometimes. Even Iron phoenix has it easier than both of them. Of course sometimes you can find yourself accidently doing combos because sometimes you pause during mid attack, see enemy coming from behind, and start up, and suddenly your going into a combo.


I know all the styles are different, but just wish some stances weren't so hard to read where to pause at. Never sure if its hit the button rapidly, pause, and then go, or if its watch the weapon move, and hit the attack button right before the end of the attack, and on the point of pause let the button go for abit, and then hit the attack button rapidly after the attack. It changes out for different weapons.

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