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You Really Had To Go Full Lazy On Valkyr De?


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Where should I begin with...?


First of all,her stand animation when I use hysteria is awful.It's like she is a pro boxer and doesn't suit the character at all!


Then the hitting animation...!OMG!. That's how someone like Wolverine shreds anything she slices to pieces???!?? REALLY!!! It's the boxer thing all over again.


The third and last complain is that the claws go through her hand while not 'punching' (litteraly) things.It's annoying to watch and just doesn't feel right.


Now,as of what should be done: It's quite easy,just give her,her own unique animations that fit Valkyr and not re-use and slightly change the same ones from weapons or whatever.Also we need new sounds of course.


Valkyr now with melee 2.0 feels really strong since you can channel while in Hysteria mode and it's dissapointment to see her punching things instead of slicing them to pieces.



To make vlakyr feel unique DE has to replace/make new:

1)Hysteria animations

2)Hysteria sound effects (while hitting).



Sorry if it's a bit hard to read.I hope you can read this.


Have a nice day...and DE,get Valkyr back to the work table please!

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As mentioned, DE has said something about giving Valkyr and Hysteria some work to fit Melee 2.0, even if it didn't make it in Update 13. Currently some things in Melee 2.0 are already implemented with Valkyr, like her Paralysis allowing her to do melee finishers on enemies.

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Haven't used Valkyr since she was released and I leveled her for Mastery. Think I might try her out once more and add my feedback. :)



EDIT: So, this is my personal opinion on Valkyr after completing a 10 minute run on Apollodorus, Mercury. Note that it was insanely easy, and I do intend to try a higher level mission in a bit.



First, Ripline is fun as always, but I think it could do with a range buff. I tried to ripline on a wall or floor in the direction of enemies to propel myself forward, and finish them with a following spin attack with my Dual Ethers, but sad to say I was unable to do this save for one time. Further, if I do a melee attack too soon, it cancels Ripline altogether.


Warcry works backwards in my opinion. I don't feel like allies gain much from increased armor speed with enemies decreased movement speed. It should be switched around for me to feel like I'm getting more out of that skill. However, having said that, I think it's a good skill as it is and does not need to be changed. The aforementioned change above would be nice, though.


Paralysis needs more range. Considering the fact that it uses her shields to do negligible damage, and that the stun is hardly worth mentioning, a range buff would be nice. I was only able to use it on enemies within the very very very immediate vicinity of myself. If Paralysis doesn't get more range, then the stun should last at least a few seconds longer. It's quick and spammy, but it's not too helpful. Still, just like Warcry, I don't think it has to be changed.


Hysteria, being her ultimate, should be her best skill, but it's her worst in my opinion. The animation is messy and it's hard to hit stuff, which is my biggest qualm about it. I also have to say that, being that she's a strict melee-based Warframe, I feel that her Hysteria (and maybe Ripline) have to be affected by equipped melee mods, more so than it already is. The invincibility is a nice feature to it, but I feel that she should also have a parry animation to fend off knockbacks and other things that she is not immune to.



To review, Ripline needs more range, and would be ideal if it could synchronize with regular melee attacks better than it currently does. Warcry's buff/debuff would be nice to have swapped, but it's fine as is. Paralysis would be better with a slightly longer range and/or a longer stun time, but it's also fine in it's current form. Hysteria needs a better animation so hitting things feels better and it's not sloppy, and it should be affected by melee mods.



EDIT II: I keep everything I said before, except that Paralysis has a decent stun. A slightly bigger radius would still be nicer.


Anyways, Hysteria's current animation works a lot better when enemies are clustered together. It's harder to hit single targets. However, I CAN USE CHANNELING with Hysteria! My favorite thing right now!!!

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I'll give her one thing, with Vitality and Steel Fiber at a decent rank, and Rage for good measure, she's a fantastic bomber with Ogris or Penta.


Here's hoping Hysteria gets relooked at, as well as paralysis.

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