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Kara Valkyr Helmet Still Not Fixed


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Just a friendly reminder, this time my driver are up to date, the PC is still brand new, no syandannas were bugged, no other helmets, nothing except this helmet, the engine doesn't seem to keep up with fast-paced combat because that's the only thing that seems consistent every time I get the bug, NO, I won't go slower on my gameplay style, that's not a solution.

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I have had such bug on every dangling-physics parts; helmet, Syandana, Sugatra.

Seems random, unlike guaranteed phantom Syandana collision in arsenal after joining other host.


I am running 64-bit, multi-threaded with most options on except: no anti-aliasing, no tessellation, no Physx.

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Isn't it fun how they add new melee stuff and then all of the sudden syandana's and helmets start breaking in elevators and randomly ingame? Makes me wonder wth they did to our clients.

I have a theory, while working with game mods is a rule that you must clean your code or rebuild your stuff from scratch to avoid having too much junk on it, be it unused code, assets, etc. so I am beginning to think DE hasn't cleaned up the game code at all.

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