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New "end Game Content" So Fabulous!


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Can't describe my feeling how i like it! I'm so happy to see in 99% part of time how conflict on rails proceed. I'm so happy pass through "Conflcit" mission with 0 credits battle pay and with no additional mods/gear drop in it, this is inspire me to do it again and again!! And most fun part in all of this the 1% of time when i have a chance to finaly runn DarkSector mission(defense) and after 100+ waves in it to receive 300 mods with only 2 useless rare mods among them and when 90% of 5th wave rewards is T2 key, 5% rewards is T3 keys and finaly 5% of rewards is rare fusion coress! I so excited and can't wait to do it again! I'm monitoring rails state all days long!


Overal it is best endgame experience in online games i ever had! Good job DE!

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