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Wasn't Sure Where To Uhh...uhhhh....(Dark Sector Tenno Transmission Glitch)


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The pixels are strong with this one.


As a side note, I thought it was common knowledge that DE has been trying to release Voki for quite a while. I even have it's powers right here:

- Charged Decoy (Regular decoy but when killed it has an explosion radius of 1000m, dealing 50k electricity damage)

- Invisible Shield (Regular shield, but completely invisible. Not even you can see it. No one can shoot through it (not even you or teammates), and it doesn't deploy exactly where you cast it, so you never know where it will be.)

- Switch Stun (Switch Teleport, except for the stun duration, which is changed to 120s, and it deals 10k electricity damage)

- Radial Discharge (Like a Radial Disarm ,but it overloads all lights (more lights = more damage) and the lack of lighting completely blinds all of your teammates. Deals about 156k damage. Also, the enemies have night-vision goggles, so your team is the only one blinded by this. Just so it's not OP.)


He'll have Loki's speed, and also acts as a tank, so he'll have more shield than a maxed our Frost.


Numbers are still a WIP, but last I heard, DE was feeling very good about these.

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